The Covid-19 Disaster: It All Fits In!

Created on 2020-07-17 11:13

Published on 2020-07-17 16:37

The coronavirus recovery plan that von der Leyen built

An unprepared and panic stricken EU System hijacked the IMNRC's global holistic medical, scientific and political strategy to find a solution to the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe that the NCBP had initialised, turning it into theirs... with catastrophic results.

This is exactly what happened with the UN System and the SDGs. Unscrupulous opportunists turning the NCBP's original ideas, work and contribution into theirs completely deforming the very essence of the original blueprint... The SDGs are a global flop.

And there are many other examples that have been exposed elsewhere.

The following briefly recapitulates the NCBP's efforts regarding the Covid-19 outbreak and how everything was blocked by the UN/EU System:

  1. Call To New Global Governance! (14nth March 2020)
  2. Covid-19 Pandemic: Key to Solution! (20th March 2020)
  3. The Covid-19 Pandemic Requires Global Collaboration (15nth April 2020)
  4. The UN/EU System Hijacks The NCBP's Coronavirus Global Response (28th April 2020)
  5. The World System Is Locked In! (7nth May 2020)
  6. The UN/EU System: Misleading Men and Women into a Losing Ideology (6th June 2020)
  7. UN/EU System: STOP! (18nth June 2020)
  8. Just How Ugly HAS Been The EU System? (6th July 2020)

The UN and EU Systems - as structured - are undermining our civilisation's resilience. They are more concerned about power than the citizens of the world's happiness.

Both the EU and the UN Systems must undergo a fundamental reform to facilitate the transition to New Global Governance. This can be undertaken with the NCBP and the first step is recovering lost trust!

NCBP Requests a UN/EU Mandate To Recover Lost World Trust (15nth July 2020)

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