Covid-19 Pandemic: Key to Solution!

Created on 2020-03-20 08:38

Published on 2020-03-20 10:22

CWIN 10: The Covid-19 Pandemic

The IMNRC's Interface Diagnostics Cabinet (IDC) offers a key to finding a sustainable solution to the present Covid-19 pandemic by combining the following:

Covid-19: Open Global Call (CWIN 10)

The Interface Diagnostics Cabinet (IDC) shall be using its most powerful tool: the CWIN (Customised World Interdisciplinary Network). NNIVEE (Nutri-Neuro-Immuno-Vasculo-Endocrino-Epigenetics) includes the microbiome of course.

In principle, a CWIN and NNIVEE strategy should rely on a New Global Governance Infrastructure based on trust especially in a case of emergency. But we are in a situation of emergency. It shall not be possible to create a NGGI based on trust in a short time because of the already pre-existing existential crisis and lost trust worldwide, but an emergency NGGI would be set up in no time at all if the world was invaded by hostile aliens from outer space! In this case, the "hostile alien" is Covid-19!

The emergency NGGI would greatly facilitate organising the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) InfoWeek at a later stage for the World Programme on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Programme that it is in charge of organising and monitoring.

We have completely lost trust in the EU/UN Institutions as structured but are open to all other private/public offers for funding and collaboration worldwide. A standard conventional approach to the pandemic that only the present outdated educational system can provide shall lead nowhere.

Government leaders are welcome to contact us directly now (e-mail and/or PM).

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