The UN/EU System Hijacks The NCBP's Coronavirus Global Response

Created on 2020-04-28 08:14

Published on 2020-04-28 09:36

Unscrupulous Political Opportunism

Dear All,

The UN/EU System shall have to answer before the Citizens Of The World for its inertia, incompetence and negligence leading to the death of thousands of innocent victims worldwide that all the money in the world shall not bring back to life, something the citizens shall never forget nor forgive.

As if this was not enough the loans the survivors may receive shall have to be repaid (with interest...) turning them into hostages at the mercy of the system: increased suffering, social tension and suicides are inevitable. Hostages are also localities, regions, countries, continents, the world... Hostages to what? Big Finance. Thousands of billions of euros shall have to be repaid...with interests. Big Finance shall be able to manipulate politics as it wishes.

It is easier to beat, take advantage of or impose your views on someone when he/she or it (locality, region, country, continent) is in distress and down. An ideal situation for unscrupulous opportunists. The UN/EU System is a pyromaniac firefighter now trying to turn the worldwide distress IT has caused to its own ends by being omnipresent supported by a devoted media boasting how wonderful it is to save the world!

The UN/EU System is hoping to sooth and drown the public anger and resentment in money at a time when it is most needed increasing its hold on the citizen and therefore society.

The UN/EU System is in fact trying to seduce the population with the post-Covid-19 pandemic preparations in mind.

What I find very disturbing is the behaviour of the UN/EU System and the ease with which it manipulates the whole world population..

I repeat: The UN/EU System is NOT the world saviour it claims to be but a dangerous, unscrupulous opportunistic pyromaniac firefighter.


The UN/EU System must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity then dismantled and replaced!

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Best regards,

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