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Published on 2020-03-14 16:54

Coronavirus: World Incompetence (1)
Coronavirus: World Incompetence (2)
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What does "join" mean? What does "collaboration" mean? 

Dear All,

It is becoming increasingly recognised that global challenges require a global governance. This global governance must be based on trust. In other words, there is a need for a New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI) based on trust. (Please refer to the above)

It is also becoming increasingly recognised that neither the UN System nor the EU System are effective regarding the management of global complexity. The whole world governance system needs to be completely rethought. This must be done WITH - and not imposed on - the citizens. Doing something WITH means collaboration. You cannot collaborate for long in an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust. So sustainable collaboration requires trust which is intangible.

Trust FIRST, projects SECOND. NOT the other way round.
Intangibles FIRST, tangibles SECOND. NOT the other way round.

How can we do that? No one knows. Why? The educational system has not trained the human being to deal with global complexity. This is very hard to swallow for both the established education worldwide and for all the 7 billion citizens who to a lesser or greater degree received this education, sometimes at great expenses... The problem is that this obsolete outdated educational system that artificially yet convincingly disconnects the interconnected is still mainstream because of powerful politico-financial vested interests. Demonstrated proficiency in a restricted branch whilst feeling completely out of your depth when trying to deal with the vast expanse of data that lies both within and outside you, is this "competence"? Competence needs to be redefined.

There is therefore a need for a fundamental educational revolution. But "education" is not something to be found "out there". It is created by the human mind. In other words, there is first a need for a fundamental mindset revolution. The final stage is articulating everything constructively together: need for a fundamental governance revolution that is only possible if preceded by a fundamental education revolution. This has been explained elsewhere.

The sequence - fundamental mindset revolution ---> fundamental education revolution ---> fundamental governance revolution - is what the New Capacity Building Programme has been working on for thirty years.

What Exactly Is the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP)?

In other words, the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) is a platform that guarantees a stable resilient political structure worldwide.

We are therefore inviting civil society, politicians, governments, businesses, institutions, organisations, academics, ... to help us set up this New Global Governance Infrastructure based on trust facilitating citizen/institution collaboration on an equal footing with equal opportunities.

Covid-19 Pandemic: An Opportunity

The NCBP is the IMNRC's Flagship Programme. The IMNRC, however, shall also be opening end of March its Interface Diagnostics Cabinet (IDC). One of the IDC's most powerful tools is what are called CWINs (Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks). One CWIN led to an innovative and successful treatment for invasive bladder cancer in the elderly a few years ago.

The Covid-19 challenge requires a holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary approach, something that EC experts don't understand. Besides, I have completely lost trust in the EU System as structured. The NCBP shall be launching a CWIN-Covid-19 to deal with the pandemic. The "only" issue here is that this requires a NGGI based on trust... Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic shall help boost the whole NCBP forward at last!


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