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Created on 2020-06-04 22:36

Published on 2020-06-06 10:26

The UN+EU+WEF System Misleading Humanity

Dear All,

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The New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) - the IMNRC's Flagship Project - had suggested collaboration with the UN/EU System long ago. The latter "collaborated" by cherry-picking, turning our suggestions, ideas, work, research and solutions into theirs without the slightest recognition and making a complete mess of the original blueprints. Track record of the IMNRC could easily - and does - include:

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It is precisely because the NCBP has been steadily becoming recognised as a viable alternative to the UN/EU System that the latter has been using all its power and influence (vast resources, propaganda, army of staff and media) to block the NCBP in all possible ways and directions. The UN/EU System's intimidation can also be felt by the scarcity of open public support for the NCBP. Overwhelming majority of exchanges are private.

But you are indeed quite correct: this actually reflects the potential global power of the NCBP that the UN/EU System fears because of immense vested interests. What fortunately some Big Guns are beginning to understand is that these enormous interests shall crumble if the very foundations on which society is built collapse - and they are - for lack of trust.

Trust, mindset, resilience and happiness are intimately related.

The UN/EU System must be held accountable before the citizens of the world for its shocking mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic and its catastrophic human and economic consequences worldwide. It has so far escaped the wrath and anger of the citizens and easily imposed its "decisions" on the population that has been powerless to react because of the confinement, but this shall change when the citizens shall be able to take to the streets and confront the UN/EU System face to face!

The UN/EU System must be completely reconfigured, rethought with the citizens. Practically this means replacing the UN/EU System. A fundamental institutional architecture revolution with the citizens is necessary because the present one has been and still is quite ineffective to manage global complexity.

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