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Team Members:

A. Selected

B. Preselection

C. Pending Applications:

1) PhDr. Irina Zalisova. Co-founder and Director of EPMA Ass., IST Challenger and expert

2) Jiri Hrebicek. Masaryk University.

3) Vojtech Nosek. Research manager.

4) Tamara Cerna. Art director at SofiG Art Photo and Ballet master at The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre District Ostrava-City

5) Claudia Ghimel. Ezoteric ve společnosti Oriental salon Claudia Ghimel, Prague

6) Roman Smelhaus. Security and Investigations.



Audit Threshold = ?

  CWIN (1, 2, ...) Pilot Schemes (1, 2, ...) WSWBQoLP IMIRC EU FP Calls for Proposals EU Non FP Calls for Proposals Non EU Calls for Proposals Private Project Other Benefactor
Irina Zalisova     X              
Jiri Hrebicek     X              
Vojtech Nosek     X              
Tamara Cerna     X              
Claudia Ghimel     X              
Roman Smelhaus     X