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1. H.M. M.A. (International Politics)

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Area of Interest: I see two major causes for the many social, psychological, political, economic, cultural conflicts that disturb our lives. One major cause is the absence of real communities: I believe the competition and anonimity in many (modern or not) contemporary societies is a major cause of disease. To be healthy human beings need to live and work together with people they know in small communities. Hence, one important part of the solution is the 'growing' of real communities, viz. small-scale, self-sufficient, radically ecological communities. The second cause is the alienation from nature. It seems that human beings are barely (made) conscious of the fact that Nature/Universe is a whole/unity, and that humans are (a form of) that whole/unity. Hence, nature is not just some construction site which we can randomly manipulate and exploit; Nature is our second skin so to speak. Living without acknowledging the unity of ourself and nature is like trying to live outside of ourself; it's doomed to fail and certain to engender diseases and disturbances. -