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1. “Computers for Saving the Earth”

Ivan Vardanyan


6 of the 2-nd Blind Alley of Bagramian Ave., Apt.17



e-mail: ivvard@yahoo.com


Abstract: In recent years, interest has been growing in human computer interaction (HCI). This interest reflects great activity in searching approaches for the creation of a new interface more fitting to human feature. Present efforts concentrate the problem of building a system of speech interaction in computer interface with control of interaction, suggested by the author. This is possible due to new opportunities to consider the development of language and the work of the mechanism of speech as a process of building a controlling interface with the physical and human environment. Read more... Armenia
2. Crickhowell Innovations Forum (CIF) Michael Price

Founder and Chairman

Principal Coordinator of CODICT (Community Office Development of Information & Communications Technology)


Area of Interest: The focus of CODICT is to create an Interactive Community Technology Platform (ICTP) which provides a human-community technological interface, with the Community Office as catalyst. England