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1) Abdelhak Bensaoula, Ph.D., Principal Scientist has more than 20 years experience in R&D of advanced materials and device engineering. His expertise spans the fields of materials science and engineering, vacuum science, photonics, and technology, device 300 papers in peer-reviewed publications.

2) David Starikov, Ph.D., Director of Research, has over twenty five years of experience in the development of advanced devices and structures based on wide band gap semiconductor materials for space, military, and industrial applications. He published over a 100 papers and holds 9 patents in the related areas. He supervised M.S. and Ph.D. students and participated in several defense committees. Throughout his tenure at IMS, he oversees all R&D programs, including hiring and supervision of staff and budget management. Dr. Starikov earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the State University of Chernovtsy,

3) Chris Boney, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, has Over fifteen years of hands-on experience in semiconductor film growth, thin film characterization, and optoelectronic device characterization in university and small business environments. Dr. Boney holds a

4) Director of Business Development, has exhibited a profound ability to translate corporate goals into strategic plans, build teams, manage resources, set policies, secure key IP, conduct due diligence, participate in fund-raising and act as an effective liaison among internal and external cross-functional groups. Dr. Kosa holds a BS, EE, University of Baghdad, MS and Ph.D. in Optical Sciences, University of Arizona He holds

5) Rajeev Pillai, Ph.D., Research Scientist, has over eight years of experience in the design and development of semiconductor optoelectronic devices for various optical, chemical and physical sensors. He received a B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Bharathiar University, India, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the

6) Mounir Boukadoum, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist, joined the University of Quebec at Montreal in 1984. He has since developed 13 programmes in electrical engineering, 3 in computer science and put in place 4 laboratories. His research interests are in instrumentation and signal processing techniques for biomedical applications. The results of his work are finding their use in clinical studies and the development of artificial intelligence methodologies in different domains including communications technologies. He joined IMS as a lead scientist in 2009.

7) Rafael Ben President at Rafaelgems corp. Greater New York City Area

8) Dr. Frank McCluskey. Author of THE IDEA OF THE DIGITAL UNIVERSITY. West Palm Beach, Florida Area

9) Lydia Kaume, Ph.D.. Higher Education Professional, Nutrition Coach, & Conferencing Consultant, Joplin, Missouri Area

10) James Bartron. Experienced Photographer, Green Valley, Arizona

11) L'Oreal Battistelli. eLearing Designer with eLearning Associates. Orange County, California Area

12) Video Class. E-Learning at Videoclass.com

13) David Flack. Legal Assistant. at Jenkins & Whipple Attorneys at Law. Indianapolis, Indiana

14) Shalomim HaLahawi. President at Integrative Pastoral Medical Association/ACBIPM National Licensing Board. Atlanta, Georgia

15) Katherine Hayden. Dame Of Justice at Der Orden von den Rittern der Gerechtigkeit (Knights of Justice). Baltimore, Maryland

16) Margie Joyce. E-Learning/Instructional Designer. Washington D.C. Metro Area

17) Kristy Kilpatrick. Artist/Art Instructor at "Gone With The Wind" Studio. York, Pennsylvania Area

18) Jeannine Mohammad. Human resources/Marketing.

19) Marci Powell. Chair Emerita and Past President at US Distance Learning Association

20) Haiguang Fang. Professor. Michigan State University.

21) Jose Ortiz. Founder / Sabertooth Computing Works Corporation. Sebring, Florida.

22) K. Antonio Baggi. Military and International Operational Law. A Board Member at both FRONTLINE Naft e Gaz, and, PROSPERITY Global Advisors. West Palm Beach, Florida.

23) Wassim Zoghlami. Startupper - Computer Engineering Senior. Seaside, California

24) Huey C. McCutchen III. Managing Director at McCutchen Investors And Consultants Group, LLC

25) Fam Qureshi. Strategist & Consultant

26) Leonard Makowka MD PhD. Healthcare/Lifescience Entrepreneur. Greater Los Angeles Area.

27) Washington Kim. www.washingtonkim.net 

28) John Rosebush. Energy inventor

29) Stuart Inman. Producer and TV Development Professional | Specialties in Nonscripted TV and Independent Film. Los Angeles, California.

30) Almutairi Abdulrazaq. Broker at Financial Provider. El Monte, California. 

31) Kerri Rosson. Specialist Global Travel, Business Development at American Express. Geneva, Illinois.

32) Alioune Ba. PRESIDENT AFRICAN HOPE 1, INC. Duluth, Georgia.

33) Joe Caudell. CEO at Buckeye Management Consulting. Peoria, Illinois.

34) Super Angels Alliance SA. Philanthropy. Bevery Hills, California

35) Kit Bigelow. Human rights, women's rights, religious freedom consultant/advisor. Washington D.C. Metro Area

36) Salas Chem Shop. Sale Manager at Salas Chem Chop. Warnerville, New York.

37) Alan Robinson. Senior Academic Advisor at Online Educators Association. Houston, Texas Area

38) Robert Rockefeller. Rockland Investment Group, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada

39) Steven Taylor. Verifier at Quality Resources, inc. Tampa, Florida.

40) Brooklyn Central University. Greater Boston Area.

41) The University of America. Offering accredited traditional and distance education with the lowest tuition fees affordable. Murrieta, California. 

42) Ed Suarez Diego Maradona Jr. Social Media Manager at Diego Maradona Junior. Washington D.C. Metro area. 

43) Jerry Thomas. Lead singer and songwriter at James Thomas Band. Charlotte, North Carolina area. 

44) Jana Hendershot. Program Coordinator, Office of Distance Education and eLearning State Authorization, The Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio.

45) Kimberley Clark -Kartchner. Licensed Real Estate-International philanthropy.

46) Journal Technology. SciTechnol. Journal of Computer Engineering & Information Technology, Nevada.

47) George Touche', MA, PhD. Scholar Research and Professor Background with Associate Experience in Policy, Planning, and Public Affairs. New Orleans, Louisiana.

48) Mark Spivey. Founder at Xwisee. Design. San Francisco, California

49) Neophytos Christodoulides. Data-insighter partner. Bellevue, Wshington.

50) Bonham Johnson. Network Systems Architecture at Verizon Telematics, Inc. Greater Atlanta area.

51) Thomas Bishop. International Knowledge & Leadership Architect and Advisor. Reno, Nevada area.

52) Bonnie C. Brennan. Practicing Attorney and Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Greater New York City area.

53) Paul Silver. Philosopher, Anthropologist, Futurist, Entrepreneur. Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

54) Soner Cagaptay. Beyer Family Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Washington D.C., Metro area.

55) Utku Kundakci. Political Officer/First Secretary at Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Washington D.C, Metro area.




Audit Threshold = ?

N Name CWIN (1, 2, ...) Pilot Schemes (1, 2, ...) NCBP IMIRC EU FP Calls for Proposals EU Non FP Calls for Proposals Non EU Calls for Proposals Private Project Other Benefactor
1 Abdelhak Bensaoula     X              
2 David Starikov     X              
3 Chris Boney     X              
4 Nadhir Kosa     X              
5 Rajeev Pillai     X              
6 Mounir Boukadoum     X              
7 Rafael Ben     X              
8 Frank McCluskey     X              
9 Lydia Kaume     X              
10 James Bartron     X              
11 L'Oreal Battistelli     X              
12 haiguang fang     X              
13 Video Class     X              
14 David Flack     X              
15 Shalomim HaLahawi     X              
16 Katherine Hayden     X              
17 Margie Joyce     X              
18 Kristy Kilpatrick     X              
19 Jeannine Mohammad     X              
20 Marci Powell     X              
21 Jose Ortiz     X              
22 K. Antonio Baggi     X              
23 Wassim Zoghlami     X              
24 Huey C. McCutchen III     X              
25 Fam Qureshi     X              
26 Leonard Makowka     X              
27 Washington Kim     X              
28 John Rosebush     X              
29 Stuart Inman     X              
30 Almutairi Abdulrazaq     X              
31 Kerri Rosson     X              
32 Alioune Ba     X              
33 Joe Caudell     X              
34 Super Angels Alliance     X              
35 Kit Bigelow     X              
36 Salas Chem Shop     X              
37 Alan Robinson     X              
38 Robert Rockefeller     X              
39 Steven Taylor     X              
40 Brooklyn Central University     X              
41 The University of America     X              
42 Ed Suarez Diego Maradona Jr     X              
43 Jerry Thomas     X              
44 Jana Hendershot     X              
45 Kimberley Clark -Kartchner     X              
46 Journal Technology     X              
47 George Touche'     X              
48 Mark Spivey     X              
49 Neophytos Christodoulides     X              
50 Bonham Johnson     X              
51 Thomas Bishop     X              
52 Bonnie C. Brennan     X              
53 Paul Silver     X              
54 Soner Cagaptay     X              
55 Utku Kundakci     X              
56 G B     X