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Team Members:

A. Selected

B. Preselection

C. Pending Applications:

1) Mercy Maclean CEO at Health Psychology Management Org. Services. (http://www.hp-mos.com), London

2) Susan Bainbridge. Author, Researcher, EdTech & Open University Initiatives, Obsessive 'Thinker'

3) Paul ( dcdasilva ) Dasilva. Rep at BP. London

4) Amanda Wood. Personal Assistant at Engineer Placements. London

5) Sandie Gay FHEA, Manager for Evidencing Skills and Qualifications and E-learning consultant and trainer

6) Sandra Fernández. EU Political Communications Director

7) Nicholas Bowskill PhD. Kelvin-Smith Scholar, University of Glasgow. York.

8) Caroline Parkwell. Loan Offer at Parkwell Multinational Loan Firm. Battlesbridge, Essex.

9) Philip Wayne. Financial Consultant at WAYNE GROUP & CO

10) Rami Singh. Energy Psychologist, TFT Therapist, Transformational Coach, Spiritual Clearing, Healer, Teacher, Speaker. London

11) Nadine Daubney-Kerr. Senior International Development Consultant

12) Leena Patel. Born in 1970, East Africa – Uganda: Lee came to England in 1972 when the Idi Amin fiasco occurred. The stories and the unromantic façade of events of family in the political arena gave a colourful upbringing. Lee’s cultural background led her to explore and investigate structuralism within linguistics and processes of semiotics in interrelated parts within the professional practice; her considerations extend to unearthing diverse cultures in deciphering symbols of mark making within paintings and sculpture…

13) Phillip Cook. Education Consultant at Self-employed. London, Greater London.

14) Rhoanna Cole. Psychologist at Reflective Learning International: Head of Children and Families. Gloucester

15) Stephen Purchase. Financier at Island Investment Company. Luton.

16) Jessica Hades. Investment and project management at Prudential Financial Services. London, Greater London. 

17) Martin Ovens. Philosophy Tutor, Member of Wolfson College, University of Oxford. Oxford. 

18) Talia Isaacs. Lecturer in Education, TESOL/Applied Linguistics at University of Bristol. Bristol.

19) Reign Loic Graff. Entrepreneur, Visionary, Advisor, Venture Capitalist and Member of Board of Directors Poseidon Limited. London.

20) George Andrew Wagner. Civil Engineer, Technical Managing Director INDOOR Architecture - Wiener Werkstaette Ltd. & Co KG. London, Greater London.

21) Caterina Monestier. European Law Consultant and Trustee at Human Rights Defenders. London, Greater London

22) Allira Attwill. Technical Officer at World Health Organization. London, Greater London

23) Joshua Silver. Professor of Physics and Director of The Centre for Vision in the Developing World (http://www.vdwoxford.org/home/) . University of Oxford. Oxford.

24) Darren Wade. CEO at VISION-I LTD. London.

25) Nicholas Maxwell. Emeritus Reader at University College London. London.


Audit Threshold = ?
Name CWIN (1, 2, ...) Pilot Schemes (1, 2, ...) WSWBQoLP IMIRC EU FP Calls for Proposals EU Non FP Calls for Proposals Non EU Calls for Proposals Private Project Other Benefactor
1 Mercy Maclean     X              
2 Susan Bainbridge     X              
3 Paul Dasilva     X              
4 Amanda Wood     X              
5 Sandie Gay     X              
6 Sandra Fernández     X              
7 Nicholas Bowskill     X              
8 Caroline Parkwell     X              
9 Philip Wayne     X              
10 Rami Singh     X              
11 Nadine Daubney-Kerr     X              
12 Leena Patel     X              
13 Phillip Cook     X              
14 Rhoanna Cole     X              
15 Stephen Purchase     X              
16 Jessica Hades     X              
17 Martin Ovens     X              
18 Talia Isaacs     X              
19 Reign Loic Graff     X              
20 George Andrew Wagner     X              
21 Caterina Monestier     X              
22 Allira Attwill     X              
23 Joshua Silver     X              
24 Darren Wade     X              
25 Nicholas Maxwell     X