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Prof.dr.eng. Florin-Teodor Tănăsescu

Phone work:  +40213467218;  e-mail:

Florin-Teodor Tănăsescu (born on April 12, 1932 in Bârlad, Tutova County, now Vaslui County), is a Romanian electrical engineer, professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest..

Florin-Teodor Tănăsescu started his professional activity as research engineer at the "Research and Design Institute for the Electrotechnic Industry" (Institutul de Cercetări şi Proiectări pentru Industria Electrotehnică - ICPE"). He rose through the ranks until he reached the position of Director General of the Institute. His research concentrated on high voltage electrical equipment, new energy sources, electrotechnology and partial electrical discharge in electrcal insulating systems. He has patented over 35 inventions. He is also professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest and the Valahia University in Târgovişte.

At the national level, Florin-Teodor Tănăsescu was coordinator of the national policy for scientific research in the "National Council for Science and Technology" (Consiliului Naţional pentru Ştiinţă şi Tehnologie - CNŞT) (1985–1987) and was secretary of state in the Ministry of Education (1992–1996). He is editor in chief of the technical magazine "Electrotehnica-Electronica-Automatica".

Florin-Teodor Tănăsescu is member of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) and of the World Energy Conference - WEC. He is honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Florin-Teodor Tănăsescu had an important contribution to the activity of scientific societies in Romania. In 1986 he was elected chairman of the National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission - IEC. He is active in the team working on the "IEC Thesaurus". He is founding member of the CNR - CME (Romanian National Committee of World Energy Council)  and of the Romanian Telework Society He is also secretary general of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences. He is member of the executive board of the General Association of Romanian Engineers (AGIR) for 2006-2009. He is chairman of the "Association for Terminology" (TERMROM)

During his activity Florin-Teodor Tănăsescu received different awards and distinctions. In 1970 he was awarded the Traian Vuia prize of the Romanian Academy. He is recipient of the honor diploma of the National Authority for Scientific Research (Autoritatea Naţională pentru Cercetare Ştiinţifică).

Doctor HONORIS CAUSA of the University of Targoviste VALAHIA.

He published dozens of books, hundreds of articles and scientific reports. He is the author or coauthor of dozens of patents.

KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGE: Romanian, English, Russian, French.


Team Members:

A. Selected

B. Preselection

C. Pending Applications:

1) Carmen-Gabriela Bostan. National Society Well Being and Quality of Life Team (NSWBQoLT) Leader.

Educational researcher. Profile

2) Dr.eng. Diana Mura BADEA. National Pilot Scheme 1 Leader.    

Born on May 23,1950, Oradea, Romania, married, one child. Occupation and position held: Scientific Researcher I and analyst programmer, President of Scientific Council National Institute for Research & Development for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique / INCDMTM,;President executive  of Romanian Benchmarking Association; education: September 1969-July 1974 “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Faculty of Machine Building Technology, Fine Mechanics Section; 1999-2003 PhD eng. Mechanical engineering / Thesis: Study of Influence of the Primary Elements of the Diaphragm   Pressure Transducer Parameters for Heavy Duty;

Main activities and responsibilities:

- coordination of scientific activities of the institute

- project management over 25 projects on national programs and on the Structural Funds (since May 2008)

- financial-technical and program evaluator national programs

- expert evaluator in the FP6 "Aeronautics and space ' program;

- expert evaluator on cross-border programs and RoUaMd and Ro-Bg

- expertise in research and design of measurement systems for control and monitoring of pressure, temperature, level in the fields of road transport, water, rail, environmental risk analysis

- expert evaluator in Commission 12 for Scientific and Exhibition Events of the Advisory Board for Research, Development and Innovation

- expert evaluator in Commission 8 for Engineering Sciences of the Advisory Board for Research, Development and Innovation

KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGE: Romanian, French- medium, English- poor

Address: str. Soldat Alexandru Magatti no 16, district 3, Bucuresti, Romania; tell: +40212527676; e-mail: 

3) seng. Constantin PETRE

Born on September 24, 1949, Bucuresti Romania; Married, 2 children,      Scientific Researcher at National Institute for Research & Development for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique; Education:September 1974-July 1978 “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Faculty of Transport,

KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGE: Romanian, French- medium,

Address: 11 str. Aleea Barajul Bistritei, district 3, Bucuresti, Romania; tell: +40212523437; e-mail: 

4) Dr.eng. Dumitru VLAD

Born on 27.02.1958, Bucuresti Romania, Married, 2 children,  Laboratory Chief - Mechatronic of Intelligent Measurement , Scientific Researcher I at National Institute for Research & Development for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique, Education: September 1981- August 1985 Polytechnical University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mechanical Engeneer, Fine Mechanics Section , PhD eng. Contributions regarding the study of measure modalities with sensitive elastic element for low and very low pressures.

KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGE: Romanian, English- medium

Address: 51, Iuliu Maniu,Rd.,District 6, Bucuresti, Romania; mobil: +40 723655252; e-mail: 

5) eng. Gheorghe STEFĂNESCU 

Born on 23.04.1934, Craiova, Romania, married,two children.

occupation: Executive Director and of quality

name and address of employer: CER- Romanian Electrotechnical Committee

education: Polytechnic Institute- Faculty of electrical engineering( electrical machines and appliances speciality) during 1952-1957

education/training: 2007- training program for the quality management system

                             2005- training program AFAQ-ASCERT (France) for the internal auditor

main activities: executive management, coordinating, the work of research and development, standardisation, electric drivers in electric traction, renewable energies, energy efficiency, ecodesign of electrical products, terminology, human resource development, certification of people training, consulting,inspection of electrical products, benchmarking, testing and electrical products

contact: address-Splaiul Unirii 313, Bucharest Romania

telepfon: +4021. 3467211, +4021. 3467218, mobile phone 0721125660, e-mail

6) Dr.eng. Nicolai VÂLCOV   

Nicolai Valcov was born on June, 4th, 1931 in Chisinau city, belonging to Romania in that time. He married Izabella Valcov and they have together two children, a boy and a girl, now with six grandchildren.

His present job is main scientist at the Romanian Electrotechnical Committee, by working also as general secretary of the Romanian National Committee of the International Electrotechnical  Commission

He is doctor engineer with a PhD thesis entitled ‘Organic scintillators lifetime measurements in the nanosecond range’ (1958).

He is also doctor in nuclear physics with a PhD thesis entitled ‘Isomeric nuclear fission in transuranic nuclei’ (1973).

At the Romanian Electrotechnical Committee he is dealing with projects concerning standardization, products and services quality as well as metrology aspects in the electrotechnical field.

His home address is : 2, Valea lui Mihai, Block A3, Apartm.46, Bucharest

e-mail :   mobile phone : +40725 007894

7) Prof. Dr.eng. Nicolae OLARIU

Born 04/17/1954, graduated from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty Power, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and he achieved this thesis "Designing power rectifiers in power plants" engineer doctor thesis "Contributions to analyze parametric circuits with random excitation ";

Professor at University of Targoviste Wallachia (2001 - present) and also Director of Research Energy Environment;

ENERO President (2007-2010), President of the Employers Association of New Energy Sources (2008-present), Member of Scientific Board of Research Institute for Electrical Engineering ICPE SA Industry Participation in Research Development Program Defining application in the field of renewable Energy (SRE).

Member of various national and international organizations: CNR-CME: Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council, CER: Romanian Electrotechnical Committee; SIEAR: Electrical Engineers and automation company in Romania, IEEE: International Society of Engineers in the Electric Photovoltaic Technology Platform.


1. More than 200 professional works

2. Participation in 87 national research projects (60 coordinates);

3. Participation in 9 international research projects (7 coordinates);

4. Participation in international educational projects 7 (2 coordinate);

5. International cooperation in various programs: cooperation between Eastern European countries, UN-UNDP, EC-JOULE, EC-TEMPUS-Therm EC, EC-PHARE, EC-COPERNICUS, EC-FP5, FP6 EC-, EC-FP7 EC-ALTENER, Intelligent Energy for Europe;

6. Author of six books University

8) Dr.eng. Manuela DRĂGHICESCU

Born 26.06.1964 in Bucharest, 2 children, graduated from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Power Engineering (1989), with specialization energetician Engineer, dispatcher Engineer IRE (1994-1997), Chief Editor Review "ELECTRICIAN" - Artecno publication (1997-2001), founder and chief marketing department SIEAR high voltage.

He organized: the first three editions of the Symposium IEAS energy efficiency at Parliament House, First National Conference on Energy Efficiency AAEC (2007), the first Conference on Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Impulse, the first forum dedicated to the legislative situation in Renewable Energy (2009), Solar Conference (13 May 2010), Black Sea Renewable Energy Forum (November 2010).

He was part of the initial group New Energy Sources Employers' Association, now the Executive Director of the Association.

Part of the Project Working Group M2RES - South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme, and also RoBuildUp Skills Project (ROBUST).

9) Eng. Dumitru CUCIUREANU

Born on 25.10.1950, Cristesti village, Botosani county, Romania, married, one child.

Occupation: general manager and researcher in SC Q Ltd. Iasi, Romania

Education: Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Technical University Iasi during 1070-1975, leading postgraduate research development at the  University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in 1987-1988; Technologies and the informational management systems at the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in 2012 .

Activity :Design, installation, service, research, renewable energy systems (solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind, biomass, hydro low power); Energy Efficiency.

Contact: Address -Stradela Sf. Andrei No. 13, City  Iasi, Romania, ZIP 700032; Telephone +40232215690, mobile phone +40740009961, email:

10) ec. Mihai BADEA

Date of Birth:   November  9th 1976; Married, two children

WORK EXPERIENCE: Chief of Mayor’s Office - Sector 1 Municipality, Bucharest; Deputy Director - The Education and Sanitary Administration of Sector 1 municipality; Planning and Strategy Coordinator, Emergency Situations Center - Romanian Government; First degree councillor– public servant- National Defence Ministry; City Councillor - Bucharest Municipality, Bucharest City Council

Education: Romanian – American University, Economic Studies Department – economist; MSc in Urban Management - Institute for Housing and Development Studies Rotterdam, Erasmus University

FOREIGN LANGUAGES : English – experienced user in reading, writting and speaking ; French – medium user in reading, basic user in writting and speaking

Adress: 114-124 Pantelimon Street,  Bl. 208B,  Apt. 30, 021642, Bucharest, Romania;

11) ec. Cristina BADEA

I believe people are capable of incredible things...if they have the proper drive and the support they need. I am at my best when I get to organize teams and projects, provide support, build the structure and advocate for others to achieve their goals. This is who I am.

Date of Birth:   July 10th 1980; Married, two children.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Managing partner - Adenium Film, Bucharest, Romania; Head of Content Development Research - Research Director  - Mediapro Entertainment, Bucharest, Romania; Media Intern - Reckitt Benckiser HQ, Slough, UK; Research Analyst - Media Pro International, Bucharest, Romania

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Political Sciences Faculty - Bucharest University; Dalcom Education Centre – Bucharest; Independent Journalism Center – Bucharest;


    Cambridge Advanced English certificate released by the Cambridge  University (August 1999)

    English Interpret Certificate released by the Romanian Ministry of Education (June 1999)

    Special Prizes at the National Contest of Romanian Language and   Literature (1995-1997  


    Euro-Atlantic Dialogue Initiative – organized seminars and press conferences, organized the visit of a delegation form the Geneva Center for Security Policy (2001).

    Prima TV – internship stage within the news department (2001).

    Romanian Academic Society – participated in the “Current Political Values” project (2000).

    Peace Corp Galati – participated in summer camps and various local activities (1996 – 1999).

FOREIGN LANGUAGES: English (excellent), French (good).

Address:          114-124 Pantelimon Str, bl. 208B, ap.30, BUCHAREST 2 – Romania

Telephone:       +40 (0)748 156 667;  E-mail:

12) Marian Cariga. Vice President at Royal Polo Club Rasnov. Brasov County

13) Viorica Alexandru. Visionary transgenerational learning to community benefit. Braila County

14) Nicoleta Tecu. TVET Teacher at Technical College Matei Basarab from Caracal Romania. Olt County

15) Viorica Faloba


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Carmen-Gabriela Bostan (2)



Diana Badea (3)


Constantin PETRE X
Dumitru VLAD X
Nicolai VÂLCOV X
Prof. Dr.eng. Nicolae OLARIU X
Cristina BADEA X
Marian Cariga X
Viorica Alexandru X
Nicoleta Tecu X
Viorica Faloba X

(1): NT Leader- (2): NSWBQoLT Leader - (3): NPS-1 Team Leader