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A. Selected

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C. Pending Applications:

1) Ghassan Shahin. Dean, College of Administrative Sc. & Informatics at Palestine Polytechnic University. Palestinian Territory

2) Nabil Hasasneh. Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology at Hebron University

3) Jamil Itmazi, Director of e-Learning Center at Palestine Ahliya University

4) Hana Qtait, Research and teaching assistant at Palestine Polytechnic University

5) Wafa Hasan, PhD. CURRENTLY SEEKING NEW OPPORTUNITIES.Assistant Professor at the Palestine Polytechnic University. Civil engineering.

6) Mosa Abu Isnaneh. Teacher at Ministry of Education

7) Mohammad Abul- Haj. Associate professor at Al-Quds University.

8) Dr. Suliman Abueyada. Consultant for Veterinary Medicine at Welfare Association.


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  CWIN (1, 2, ...) Pilot Schemes (1, 2, ...) WSWBQoLP IMIRC EU FP Calls for Proposals EU Non FP Calls for Proposals Non EU Calls for Proposals Private Project Other Benefactor
Nabil Hasaneh     X              
Jamil Itmazi     X              
Hana Qtait     X              
Wafa Hasan     X              
Mosa Abu Isnaneh     X              
Mohammad Abul- Haj     X              
Suliman Abueyada     X