National Coordinators

Team Leader:

Rasa Bartkute

Faculty of Humanities

The University of Vilnius

Muitinés 8, LT-44280 Kaunas




Team Members:

1) Raimunde Matiusaityte (Ph. D., lecturer, research fellow)

2) Rasa Pusinaite (secretary: postgraduate student, research fellow)

Profile of The University of Vilnius, Faculty of Human Sciences in Kaunas



Progress Report

Progress Report 1

Irst February 2005

[Comments of Principal Coordinator in blue]

Plan of Action

To present NewPol network ideas and activities for Lithuanian academia, business people, NGO’s
[Please do not forget the general public: this last is essential]

To create and coordinate contacts with institutional and academic organizations to plan dedicated researcher’s in the respective fields of interest

To prepare the NewPol Lithuanian NC Satellite website

To build up of a collaborative national network focused on social aspects of mental health as a whole (social psychological workplace environment influence to mental health. Developing the concept of sustainability through knowledge based economy)

[You shall have the possibility of developing your proposed plan of action during the Virtual Platform. Thank you for your efforts.]