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1) Sani Bayano. Programme and Projects Coordinator at Global Poverty Reduction Support (GPRS))

2) Idun Andrews. Chairman at Tomorrows People Association (TOPA). Andrews Idun is my name and am someone who loves to learn and teach. I believe I was a born teacher because the passion and desire to teach as well as the skill I demonstrate in the field of teaching are incredible. Most great leaders I know were all once teachers. Therefore I was very glad when I got admission to Ofinso college of Education to study Diploma in Basic Education (DBE). I have seven years experience in leadership. I started as the assistant college prefect in 2006 at college, then after college i was appionted as the headteacher for Kyempo Presby J.H.S from 2009 to 2011. From there, i was appionted school Administrator for Trinity Presby Model School where am still working now. Currently i have been elected the President for the Young People Guild (Y.P.G) which is the youth ministry in Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Trinity Congregation where i followship. I have also founded an N.G.O known as Tomorrows People Association (TOPA) and am the chairman for the transitional committee of the organization. I am a focused and intelligent young man, always seeking for solutions and achieving results. I have good communication, organizational and coordinating skills. I am a team leader, self-motivated and excellent in taking initiative. I love to learn and teach others. It is my heart desire to help end poverty through quality and affordable education, and provision of assistant to intelligent and brilliant initiators. MY CONTACT ADDRESS. Postal Address: Tomorrows People Association (TOPA), P.O.Box KS 14726, Adum-Kumasi, Ghana. Tel: +233 0208232969. E-mail: / / Skype name: topaghana. Linkedin:

3) Syl Juxon Smith - BSc. International Trade Business Security Consult.

4) Wisdom Sena Agoha. Social Entrepreneur.

5) Charles Appiah. National Coordinator UK Institute of Physics - Ada Centre Ghana

6) EssyJos Company Ltd. CEO at Vehuel Angelic Foundation. Consumer Electronics

7) Mike John. Mining. Gold.

8) Richmond Boateng. CO-founder at Maajaysoilandgascommodities. Oil & Energy.

9) Magic Randy. C.E.O at prime media entertainment

10) Awudu Damani Musah. Independent Consultant/Training Specialist/Co-Team Leader at CADENA CONSULTANCE.


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Sani Bayano     X              
Idun Andrews     X              
Syl Juxon Smith     X              
Wisdom Sena Agoha     X              
Charles Appiah     X              
EssyJos Company Ltd     X              
Mike John     X              
Richmond Boateng     X              
Magic Randy     X              
Awudu Damani Musah     X