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Team Leader:



Team Members:

A. Selected

B. Preselection

C. Pending Applications:

1) Mahmoud Khallaf. Attorney, Accredited legal expert, counsel, and instructor at multiple organizations

2) Medhat Abdel Mobdy. Accouting & Costing A. General Manager at Egyptian Company for Gas Services

3) Mohamed Reda, e Content and e Learning developer


4) Mohamed mostafa mohamed slim, مؤلف موضوعات جغرافية - مدرس دراسات اجتماعية وجغرافيا - مراجع خارجي at المتحدة جروب للبرمجيات

5) Yasmine Reda, ITI at Information Technology Institute (ITI)


6) Kareem Ebrahim, Sr. Multimedia developer at Taif University


7) Zeinab El Maadawi, Lecturer at Kasr Alainy School of Medicine, Cairo University


8) Mounir Bushra, Creativity, Dedication and Faithfulness


9) Hala Elshal. Head of IT - MA student at Egyptian E-Learning University


10) Amira Suliman. Senior Instructional Design at MGD


11) Ahmed Mostafa. 3D Generalist at Dolf Technologies. 


12) Shimaa Essa. Lecturer of physiotherapy at King Khalid University


13) Ossama Ahmad. Businessman. Manager. Tax Department


14) Mona Salem. Researcher at National Council for Women. Public Policy


15) Yassin Hassan. Team Leader / Multimedia Designer at EELU.


16) Mohammed Mohey. Student at Modern Sciences and Arts University-MSA University


17) Mohamed Gouda. Cinematographer and Graphic Design Manager & Professional Photographer at Touch Media Production


18) Arab Universities. Manager at


Audit Threshold = ?

  CWIN (1, 2, ...) Pilot Schemes (1, 2, ...) WSWBQoLP IMIRC EU FP Calls for Proposals EU Non FP Calls for Proposals Non EU Calls for Proposals Private Project Other Benefactor
Mahmoud Khallaf     X              
Medhat Abdel Mobdy     X              
Mohamed Reda     X              
Mohamed mostafa mohamed slim     X              
Yasmine reda     X              
Kareem Ebrahim     X              
Zeinab El Maadawi     X              
Mounir Bushra     X              
Hala Elshal     X              
Ahmed Mostafa     X              
Shimaa Essa     X              
Ossama Ahmad     X              
Mona Salem     X              
Yassin Hassan     X              
Mohammed Mohey     X              
Mohamed Gouda     X              
Arab Universities     X