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A. Selected

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C. Pending Applications:

1) Raphael Louis. Keynote Speaker, Civil/Human/Minority Rights Expert, Leader/President/CEO of FAAVM, Prime Minister of Canada Candidate, British Columbia.

2) Guylie M. Artiste et professionnelle en psychologie. Montreal

3) Mehrdad Mirza-Agha. Faculty/Coordinator at University College of the North Manitoba

4) Jeannette Novakovich. Assistant Professor of Professional Writing at Concordia University, Montreal QC

5) Jean-Christophe Paquin, Enseignement supérieur, recherche,Public Relations & Communication, Higher Education Management, Publishing, Writing, Montreal

6) Munawarali Cassoobhai. Chartered Accountant, Restructuring, Process Improvements, M&A, Family Enterprise Advisory. Mississauga, Ontario

7) Velmurugan Thavasi. Nanotechnology.

8) Daniel Hamacher. Versatile Junior Developer, Innovative Thinker. Edmonton.

9) Ozum Tubluk. Student at Toronto Academy of Acting. Public Relations and Communications.

10) Dexter Livingstone. LIVINGSTONE EXPLORATION & HOLDING TEAM: Home of the 4MAX MANAGEMENT system for gold mines.

11) Mandeep Kaur. FSL teacher at Alliance Francaise de Toronto. Brampton, Ontario.

12) Dr.Gary James Baxter. (Lion) Educational Consultant and Teacher throughout the world.

13) Brian Ward. *Leadership Development Expert* | *HR Professional* | *Group Facilitator* | *Change Management Consultant.


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1 Raphael Louis    


2 Guylie M     X              
3 Mehrdad Mirza-Agha     X              
4 Jeannette Novakovich     X              
5 Jean-Christophe Paquin     X              
6 Munawarali Cassoobhai     X              
7 Velmurugan Thavasi     X              
8 Daniel Hamacher     X              
9 Ozum Tubluk     X              
10 Dexter Livingstone     X              
11 Mandeep Kaur     X              
12 Gary James Baxter     X              
13 Brian Ward     X