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C. Pending Applications:

1) Mike KEPPELL. Executive Director and Professor, Australian Digital Futures Institute at University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba Area

2) Merilyn Childs Acting Director Flexible Learning Institute. Sydney Area

3) Eva Dakich, PhD. Academic. Melbourne Area

4) Nat Pyzik. E learning Advisor at Polytechnic West. Perth Area

5) Nahla Fayad, Teacher/Assessor. Melbourne Area

6) Rajesh lunagariya. Luxury Goods & Jewelry. Sydney Area.

7) David Hooker. Research Professional: Cybersecurity and Intelligence Analysis. Brisbane.


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Mike Keppell    


Merilyn Childs     X              
Eva Dakich     X              
Nat Pyzik     X              
Nahla Fayad     X              
Rajesh lunagariya     X              
David Hooker     X