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Team Leader:

Vanush G.Davtyan

President of Armenian Technological Academy

Member of State Council on Statistics of RA.

Av.Komitas, h.8, apt.36., Yerevan, Armenia. Phone (374-10)27-23-52 (home); Phone (374-10)52-45-24 (work).



Born on 14 January 1955. Married, two sons and one daughter.

EDUCATION. 1963- 1972 Diploma at Yerevan N83 Secondary School, Yerevan, Armenia. September 1972 - August 1977 Diploma, Department of Physics, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. From 2001: Vice-president Armenian Technological Academy. From September 2000: member Armenian Technological Academy. May 2000 - present: State Council on Statistics of Republic Armenia. July 1999 - May 2000: Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of the Republic of Armenia. August 1998 - March 1999: "ITE" internet educational centre." November 1996 - August 1998: State enterprise "HaylnformMekena". Sept. 1995 - 0ct. 1996: AFSME- Armenian Fund of Small and Medium Enterprises. May 1991-July 1995: Computer firm "Aragast Ben". April 1980 - May 1991 Yerevan Science Research Institute of Mathematical Machines. September 1977 - March 1980: Institute of chemical physics of Sciences Academy of Republic of Armenia.

KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGE. Armenian and Russian - perfect, English - technical.

WORK EXPERIENCE. With PC and PC-networks: 15 years; with Internet, e-mail: 7 years. Since 1980 year I have been engaging in frame computer servicing and setting-up of computer networks. Since 1991 year I have been engaging in PC servicing and setting-up of local computer networks. Good knowledge of IBM computers hardware and software. Modernisation of computers. Setting-up of local computer networks in more than 20 organisations of Yerevan. Big experience of computer diagnostics and removal of hardware and software failures. In 1996 year I performed the works in Internet Enterprise Institute on Chess 1996 World Olympiad in Yerevan. I serviced the E-mail and Internet in State enterprise "Hayinformmekena" in 1996-1998, as Internet-manager and created the WEB site at the address: September 1998- March 1999: I teach computer hardware/software repair in "ITE" internet educational centre. July 1999 - May 2000: I work Information Technology Division director in Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of the Republic of Armenia. May 2000 - Present: Member of State Council on Statistics of Republic Armenia. From September 2000: elected as Member of Armenian Technological Academy. From 2001: vice-president ATA. Certificate “Unix System Administrator”, 1999. Certificate “Web Design”, from USAID/PADCO, 2001. Certificate “Country Course on Web Design”, 2003.


Area of Interest: computer interfaces, informational systems, grid, mountaineering, photographing of architectural monuments

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Team Members

A. Selected

B. Preselection

C. Pending Applications:

1) Dr Mkrtich N. Avagyan. Born on 29 April, 1951 in Yerevan. Married, two children. PRESENT OCCUPATION: Vice-director of education, chief of the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine of the National Institute of Health of RA. EDUCATION: 1968-1974 student of Yerevan State Medical Institute (Armenia), 1974-1976 resident in Anaesthesiology at the All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery of the Ministry of Health of the USSR (Moscow), 1976-1979 post-graduate student in Anaesthesiology at All-Union Center of Surgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (Moscow), 1980 Post-graduate specialization course in Reflexotherapy at the Central Institute of Advanced Medical Training (Moscow), 1982 Post-graduate specialization course in Neurology at the Yerevan State Institute of Advanced Medical training, 1985 Post-graduate specialization course in Manual Medicine at the Central Institute of Advanced Medical Training (Moscow). AWARDS: 1974 Diploma of medical doctor, 1976 Diploma of doctor in Anaesthesiology, 1980 Diploma of candidate in Medical sciences, 1980 Diploma of doctor in Reflexotherapy, 1982 Diploma of doctor in Neurology, 1985 Diploma of doctor in Manual medicine. WORK EXPERIENCE. 1999 - present: Vice-director on education, chief of the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine National Institute of Health of RA (Yerevan), 1994-1999: Researcher of the Center of Integrative Medicine of The Russian Scientific Center of Surgery of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Moscow), 1993-1994: Senior researcher at the Institute of General Hygiene and Professor of pathology at the Ministry of Health of Armenia (Yerevan), 1990-1993: Executive director of the Armenian Charitable Medical Fund “Noyan Tapan” (Yerevan). LANGUAGES: Armenian-native, Russian-native, English-reading–fluent, speaking and writing–satisfactory. PUBLICATIONS: over 50 articles in National and International scientific and popular journals and newspapers, 2 Text-books, 2 Patents. MEMBERSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL AND PUBLIC SOCIETIES. Since 1999-present: President of the Armenian Association of Traditional and Alternative Medicine. Since 1999-present: Member of Board of the Armenian Association of Health Care Managers.

Area of Interest: comparative analysis and synthesizes of eastern and western medicines

Address: 49/4 Komitas str., Yerevan, Armenia. e-mail 1:; e-mail 2:

2) Armen Harutyunyan. Born on 04 October 1974. EDUCATION. 1981 – 1991: Secondary school No 139 YEREVAN; 1991 – 1996 International Economics at Yerevan State University. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. 1992 – 1998: Founder & director of “ARTSAKHABER” Ltd. Import-Export Co., Yerevan, 1994 – 2004: Founder & director of CJSC “SHVEIK” Trade Co., Moscow, 1994 – 2004: Founder of CJSC “JUPITER” Trade Co., Moscow, 1994 – 2004: Founder of CJSC “SPECTOR” Trade Company, Moscow, 2002- Present: Founder of “KALINA -DVIN” Ltd. RO of Russian “KALINA”, April 2001 – December 2001: Deputy Executive Director AB Securities Brokerage Co. Ltd., Yerevan, Jan. 2002 – August 2003: President of the Board AB Securities Brokerage Co. Ltd., Yerevan, Feb. 2004 – Present: Chief dealer & Cashier AB Securities Brokerage Co. Ltd., Yerevan. LANGUAGES: Armenian, Russian, English.

Area of Interest: venture investments, securities

Address: 42 Nor-Nork, 40 apt., Yerevan, Armenia. Phone: (010) 66.37.95 - (091) 20.37.58. Fax:(010) 53.28.29. e-mail:

3) Nona Harutyunyan. Born on 13 September 1978 in Yerevan, Armenia. Single. WORKING EXPERIENCE. January 2005 – Present: Project manager at Armenian Technological Academy, Yerevan, November 2001 – December 2004: Financial manager at Private enterprise in Rostov-on-Don Russia, October 2000 – June 2001: Guide-interpreter at ETA-TOUR travel agency in Yerevan. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. December 1999 - March 2000: Macroeconomic Research and Analyses Department at the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Republic of Armenia, June – August 1999 Reports and Treasury Methodology Department at the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Republic of Armenia, June – July 1998 Long-term credit department at ARMAGROBANK. EDUCATION: September 1995 – May 2000 Economist in the field of World Economics [Diploma with honours] at the Yerevan State Institute of Economics. Technical Skills: Microsoft Office. LANGUAGES: Armenian - native, Russian - fluent, English - fluent.

Area of Interest: technology transfer, innovation management, e-learning, distant learning

Address: apt. 20, 40 Babajanyan Str, Yerevan, 375064, Republic of Armenia. Tel: (374 1) 745 530. e-mail:

4) Ivan Vardanyan. Degree in Computer engineering (M.Sc. equivalent), Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, Yerevan. Married, one daughter (20 yrs) and one son (18 yrs). 1977 - 1981: Engineer, Yerevanian Research Institute of Mathematical Machines, Yerevan. Design of computer input-output devices, including parts and equipments compatible with IBM computers. 1981 - 1900: Leading Engineer on Design of Computer Aided Control Systems And Its Programming Research Institute for Design of Computer Aided Control Systems of Yerevan City, Yerevan. Design of computer aided control systems and its programming. 1991 - 1998: Head of Computing Centre and Deputy Head of Department Of Transportation of Railway of Armenia on Computer Aided Control Systems Railway of Armenia, Yerevan. Languages: Reads and understands English & German. Fluent in Armenian & Russian

Area of interest: human computer interaction (HCI) and the search for the creation of a new interface more adapted to human features. Building a system of speech interaction in computer interface with control of interaction. This is possible due to new opportunities to consider the development of language and the work of the mechanism of speech as a process of building a controlling interface with the physical and human environment. [Read more...]

Address: NGO “Computers for Saving the Earth”, 6 of the 2-nd Blind Alley of Bagramian Ave., Apt.17, Yerevan-19. Phone: (374-1)272933. e-mail:

5) Khanik Kerobyan. Born on February 23, 1955 in Yerevan, Armenia. He studied at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, department of Computer Science, Yerevan, Armenia and received M.Eng. degree in CAD systems in 1977 (Armenia, Yerevan, Polytechnic Institute). He received Ph.D. in Computer science in 1982 from Ukraine, Kiev, Polytechnic Institute. From 1982 to 1986 he was Head of Scientific – Production Unit, “Armselkhozmekhanika” on CAD/CAM/CAE systems laboratory. From 1986 to 1989 he has been Head of “Kometa” Scientific-Research Institute laboratory, Yerevan branch Research on Cosmic Basing Identification Systems’ Elaboration. From 1989 to 1991 he was Deputy Director Sciences of Central Computer Office, Kiev, Ukraine. From 1991 to 1994 he has been Associate Professor of State Engineering University of Armenia, Computer Sciences department, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. From 1994 to 1998 he was Vice-President of scientific-installing company ArnSoft, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. And from 1998 till to present he is President of Armenian Association of Computer and Information Systems, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. From 2002 to 2003 he was senior scientific employee of Institute for Informatics and Automations Problems, Artificial Intelligence department, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. From 2004 till to present he is Associate Professor of Russian Armenian Slavon State University, Computer Sciences department, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. From 2004 till to present he is chief of department of Information Technologies of Yerevan branch MESI, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Areas of scientific interests: applications of methods of research operation, analysis and design of adaptive interfaces for systems, queuing theory, methods of modeling, analysis and optimization for stochastic systems, Markovian and semi-Markovian decisions processes and their applications.

Publications - 92 scientific articles and 6 books on modeling and optimization of computer network and computer systems, designing of man - machine interface. [Read more...]

Address: Russian Armenian Slavon State University, Department of Computer Sciences, Yerevan.

6) Alexsand Melik-Yelchyan - Profile pending...(*)

7) David Davidyan - Profile pending...(*)

8) Zaven Manvelyan - Profile pending...(*)

9) Zaven Amiryan - Profile pending...(*)

10) Rafael Antonyan - Profile pending...(*)

11) Ashot Khachatryan - Profile pending...(*)

12) Tatyana Maranjyan. Working Group Member, Sustainable Development Program

13) Ara Mirzoyan. Civic society at Goris Youth Union NGO

14) George Hodge. Programme Development and Social Innovation Specialist


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Vanush Davtyan     X        


The Silica-organic Model of the Person and Health Restoration Recommendation 

Dr Mkrtich N. Avagyan     X           Traditional and Alternative Medicine.  
Alexsand Melik-Yelchyan CWIN 2             X  
Ivan Vardanyan               X Artificial Intelligence  
David Davidyan               X Cold Synthesis of Helium  
Zaven Manvelyan CWIN 4             X Chemotherapy without side-effects(*)  
Zaven Amiryan     X         X Nanomaterials  
Rafael Antonyan CWIN 4   X         X Tests in laboratory - Biomodulators(*)  
Ashot Khachatryan     X         X Alternative Power(*)  
Tatyana Maranjyan     X              
Ara Mirzoyan     X              
George Hodge     X              

(*) more details/material needed please. Thank you.