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1) Hakim Bensaoula. Executive in Semiconductor, Software and Telecom Industry. Dr. A. Hakim Bensaoula, holds a PhD in chemistry (1995) from the University of Houston (Texas USA), a Doctor of Science degree in Applied Physics (1996) from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France) and a Masters of Business Administration (2000) from the Bauer College of Management at the University of Houston (Texas, USA) with a concentration in finance and cross-cultural management. He has a certification in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Dr Bensaoula has 50+ publications in peer reviewed Physics and Chemistry journals and has participated in the founding of several SMEs in the US and Algeria. Dr. Bensaoula also holds the position of Associate Professor of Physics, Chemistry and Management at the University of Tlemcen.

2) Rachid Benarbia, pursued his undergraduate education in Computer Science in Algeria, he then went on to complete his studies in the United Kingdom (University of Manchester). Since his return to Algeria, M. Benarbia held several management position within Algerian SMEs. He now holds the position of Director of Operations at CCCEngineering. He has extensive technical expertise in web development, software development and database management.

3) Wassila Baghli, holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Tlemcen with extensive expertise in software design and engineering. She joined CCCEngineering as a web developer in 2011 and has rapidly progressed to become lead programmer within the company.

4) Zakia Ayadi, holds an M.A in Linguistics from the U of Tlemcen with extensive expertise in cross cultural communications. She joined CCCEngineering in early 2011 and is now responsible for document preparation, dissemination and, overall company communications with national and foreign clients and service providers.

5) Reda Allal University of Tlemcen. M. Allal held the positions of Department head for Continued Education within the Tlemcen Chamber of Commerce and now Directs the Mostaganem Chamber of Commerce. He has tremendous experience in multinational project management and has participated in several EU funded projects.

6) El Habib Benmimoun and corporate visibility. He is in charge of CCCEngineering’s corporate public relations, web image maintenance and promotion. He consults with our clients for the development of information campaign strategy.

7) Djamel Derouiche CCCEngineering and is the producer of national radio programmes (Global Village and Technology Today).

8) Yacine Ayachi Amor. Import/Export. Manager

9) Lylia Hamel. Maitre assistante classe "b" chez faculté de médecine constantine

10) Nacef Mohaned. Formateur au Ministère de l'Education



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Hakim Bensaoula     X              
Rachid Benarbia     X              
Wassila Baghli     X              
Zakia Ayadi     X              
Reda Allal     X              
El Habib Benmimoun     X              
Djamel Derouiche     X              
Yacine Ayachi Amor     X              
Lylia Hamel     X              
Nacef Mohaned     X