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NewPOL Foundation 

Intellectual freedom means also financial independence.

Depending on the source, of course.

The International Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Research Centre (IMNRC asbl/vzw) is a private academic research institution legally recognised since 2002 in the "Belgian Monitor" and based in Tervuren (near Brussels), Flemish Brabant, Belgium. The IMNRC has acquired a strong international political and academic reputation in the field of Capacity Building (CB). CB can be understood in different ways. The meaning we ascribe to CB is developing the human being's potential to deal with the growing complexities of an ever changing world. For more, please follow the link

With the NCBP and all its ongoing activities, the IMNRC is acquiring a huge database. Offices must be enlarged. Further administrative and PR assistance is urgently needed. The NCBP means making presentations, meeting people worldwide for networking, organising receptions, international exchanges, conferences, congresses, accommodation and travel expenses, administrative assistance, publishing small brochures, preparing the "Interface Events" for Interface Education and much more. Adequate feedback and information exchange between the Directorate in Brussels, the National Coordinating (NC) Teams and the public must be organised across frontiers. All this requires funds. Avant-garde philanthropists, sponsors, donators, patrons, charities, private and public sectors are most welcome. 

The path to success has been fraught with difficulties because of pressure from the UN/EU System. The foundations of the UN/EU System are however slowly but surely falling apart because of the loss of trust. These must be replaced by a healthier and more resilient infrastructure. A fundamental institutional architecture revolution is needed. We are apparently approaching the political threshold that shall catalyse international financial support. In the meantime, we rely exclusively on crowdfunding. 


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The NewPOL Foundation consists of the Common Financial Pool and the National Financial Pool.

There are different ways to contribute to the NewPOL Foundation:

Basic Annual Membership Subscription Fee

The Basic Annual Membership Subscription Fee (BAMSF) has become an economic necessity to run the whole organisation. As of 1rst Septembre 2020, the BAMSF shall be requested from all Members of the IMNRC- NewPOL Consortium Network and must be settled on entry and at the latest one week after registration. There are two categories of Membership: Ordinary Membership and National Representation. Ordinary Membership is automatic. If you wish to take an active part in your National Representation, the procedure is much more selective. If your profile offers potential added value to the National Representation, you shall initially have a Pending Application Status. If/once the BAMSF formality has been completed, you move on directly to Preselection Status. Here there are two possibilities: Selection or Ordinary Membership Status. Selection Status depends on your proven added value to your National Representation. Members benefit, whatever the Status, from 50% reduction in events, receptions together with other facilities (worldwide contacts and networking).


Sponsors are divided into Categories depending on the contribution. Sponsoring is a recurrent yearly contribution. 

Advertising Contracts (AdvCs)

Business Contracts (BusCs)

Research Contracts (ResCs)





Donations are single non recurrent payments

A combination of any of the above

Each of the above seven links (Annual Membership Subscription Fee - Sponsors - AdvCs - BusCs - ResCs - Grants - Donations) have their own web page.

Contribution is of course open to everyone, any company and in any field: students, academics, business(wo)men, artists, notaries, institutions, foundations, commercial sectors (gastronomy, booksellers, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, food chain, ...), biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, new and renewable energies, film producers, actors, show business, stars, ICT, industries, governments, ...


Who has the intelligence, insight and courage to support us ?...


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