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1. Veyt, Monique

Rosstraat 150

9200 Dendermonde


e-mail: mveyt@moniqueveyt.be


URL 1: http://www.moniqueveyt.be


URL 2: Monique Veyt's Premiere Artist Portfolio



Area of interest: The 'Art -of -Living - Science'. I am both a psychologist, a painter and a writer.


My paintings are abstract, light, spacious and colourful. They are expressions of life and feelings. They affect people all over the world. This has been noted by many galleries from all over the globe, both in the East and in the West, who ask me to collaborate. My paintings are going very well together with refined people and they bring space, serenity, joyful sensations and harmony in homes, offices and public places.  I also like to give workshops on the unfolding of creative talents. I like to paint for overall projects and I like to do projects that are a mixture of 'Art' and the 'Art - of - Living'. I also write columns about Art as means to Self-development.


My poems are in Dutch, some are already translated into French, I hope some day in English!


The following paintings (most are gouache on paper; size ranges from 12 x 12 cm to 50 x 65 cm) are proposed (all prices in euros):

All of us (100) - Celebrating (100) - Breaking out (480) - Opportunity (680) - Hello (700) - She asks for Zen (800) - How it is (990) - Playful dancing (990) - Bubbles of warmth (990) - Sweet and tender me (1450) - Flowering (1450) - Legends of the sea 2 [This painting is one of a set of 4] (1450)