The IMIRC Organisation Committee is constituted by:

- The National Coordinators (NCs)

- The Principal Network Programme Coordinators (PNPCs)

The Organising Committee is making the necessary preparations for the preliminary IMIRC OC Meeting that shall be held in Tervuren/Brussels (Belgium). 

The overall organisation of the Congress must have a rigorous, reliable and coherent structure. This is absolutely essential to coordinate our efforts and send a clear concrete proposal and modus operandi to all the participants in their respective institutions or countries. A meeting is therefore necessary in order to assign/delegate tasks, agree to deadlines, find funds, determine responsibilities, the detailed content of the Network Programmes (i.e. the Workshops: PART I) and overall organisation of the Congress for all the participants.   

Each Country participating in the International Multidisciplinary Interface Congress must be represented by its National Coordinator who shall in turn forward all the necessary information to her/his National Participants. We are therefore still looking for National Coordinators. Please refer to the Call for National Coordinators.

A full set of Network Programme Coordinators (a team for each Network Programme) is also requested. 

Network Programme Coordinators for the following Network Programmes: 1 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 9 are still needed. Please refer to the Call for Network Programme Coordinators.         

The sooner the Organising Committee is set up, the sooner the date of the OCMeeting can be determined and the sooner can participants start sending out their Workshop Proposals to the Network Programme Coordinator of their choice.