We are receiving an increasing number of requests to work for the NewPOL Consortium Network.

The NewPOL Network shall definitely have to hire personnel sooner or later to cope with the complexity of the overall organisation: public relations and administrative staff are priorities.

The NewPOL Network is presently creating SMEs that are eligible for EU support. These are the National Coordinator Teams

The NewPOL Network shall also favour the development and creation of new SMEs through its highly interactive education/business interface.

Finally, the IMNRC - please refer to PART III of the IMIRC - shall necessarily mean employment on a very large scale: as for the NewPOL Network, enterprises shall be created or developed, staff shall be needed for the multidisciplinary research/educative complex, not to mention the contractor companies (and architects) that (who) shall be hired for the actual construction of the IMNRC and the surrounding commercial facilities. 

There is also a fair chance that the word "employment" may have a different meaning by the time the first IMNRC has been completed.  


The NewPOL Consortium Network Foundation

National Coordinators and their Team are strongly encouraged to create their own national SMEs.