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Professor Vivian Linssen
 for the Presidency of the
European Commission

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” (J. Kr)

Mindset Revolution

Setting up a New Global Governance Infrastructure

for World [Human and Animal] Society Well Being and Quality of Life


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  What is Wrong ?

There is a serious World existential and trust crisis that is deep, underestimated and dangerous. Citizens don’t believe in institutions, policymakers, their fellow being and even themselves anymore. Suspicion prevails, trust is lost. And without trust, any policy shall fail whatever the political programme anywhere in the world. I have repeatedly warned the European Commission/Parliament/Council that there is something that they are still wishing not to understand. And that is, they can launch the most appealing projects and campaigns (propaganda...), if these come from institutions that citizens don’t believe in anymore, they shall fail. Asked how trust could be recovered, I gave my advice that was ignored which is suicidal for the institutions. In 2008, the EU was becoming trapped in a circle of not being trusted and therefore unable to make its case. In 2018, the EU is trapped in a circle of not being trusted and therefore unable to make its case. Now it is too late. 

The issues we are confronted with today have reached such a level of complexity that experts, academics, politicians and the citizens are getting completely out of their depth - why? -  because they are faced with ever changing holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary challenges, something that their education has not prepared them for. The existing educational system is not sufficiently powerful to enable us to deal with the complexities of the challenges we are faced with. Even though there is a growing consensus regarding the added value of interdisciplinarity, the problem that remains is its assimilation. It is not that our brain can’t. It is because of an obsolete outdated educational system that is still mainstream due to powerful politico-financial vested interests.

The World has enormous potential but it is ruining its chances because of fragmentation and its inability to constructively articulate the fragments together. An enormous amount of time, energy and money has been – and is still being – wasted because of fragmentation, lack of long-term vision, the Institutions’ and Member States’ chronic internal dysfunctions not to mention the arrogance and hypocrisy, the latter probably being the most sustainable characteristic of our civilisation. The challenges of today are by no means restricted to one locality, region, country or continent: they are interconnected and global requiring global collaboration, or rather global coordinated collaboration. Problem: no appropriate governance tool was ever set up to make this possible. This is now underway.




   What Is The Solution?



Mindset Revolution                         Education Revolution                       Governance Revolution


A fundamental mindset revolution, a fundamental educational revolution, a fundamental governance revolution - in that order - is absolutely essential, now and not tomorrow!  

First, overcome the prevailing suspicion and recover the citizens’ trust and respect by creating a listening - instead of a coercive - society: “Citizens! You have the floor!” A fundamental revision of the institutional architecture is needed.

A fundamental educational revolution that optimises the state of mind for complex avant-garde holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary challenge processing: the Education of Tomorrow (Interface Education and Customised Interactive Software [CIS]).

The time is ripe to prepare the mindsets of citizens worldwide for a transition to New Global Governance inviting coordinated collective citizen/institution collaboration on an equal footing with equal opportunities

We are faced with a global network of interconnected global challenges that can only be appropriately managed by first setting up a New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI). 

This shall be the deliverable of the World Summit (a Ten Year Program) on World [Human and Animal] Society Well Being and Quality of Life that the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) – blending together the Education of Tomorrow, the Governance of Tomorrow, Smart Cities, Life Sciences and Medicine – is busy preparing during its InfoWeek where 260 delegations are expected. Capacity Building can be understood in many different ways. The meaning we ascribe to Capacity Building is developing the human being’s potential to deal with the complexities of the challenges he/she is faced with in an ever changing world to achieve and sustain the citizens’ happiness at local, regional, national, continental and world levels.


“What kind of impact, what kind of excellence is most needed for us human beings today?”  


Considering the increasing world instability and violence, the seriousness of the environmental issues, perhaps the finality of education, research and innovation should be to find a means to defuse the world ticking time bomb that is threatening our civilisation and planet, and achieve and sustain the citizens’ well being and quality of life in world society, the Third Millennium’s Top Priority.  

A fundamental mindset revolution, a fundamental educational revolution together with a fundamental governance revolution are absolutely essential, in that order, now and not tomorrow. Procrastination is not an option. This is a holistic challenge that requires a holistic strategy.

Who Can Do This?

Changing the system hasn’t so far been very conclusive. We have been changing the system in countless different ways throughout history and I wouldn’t say this has been very conclusive... Uncoordinated fragmented/focused changes and the inability to constructively articulate the fragments together leads to further chaos. You need a holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary strategy. Who could both devise and lead such a strategy? 

Actually, this leader should be more of a catalyst (or facilitator) than anything else. But what is there to catalyse?

Trust, which implies collective citizen/institution collaboration on an equal footing with equal opportunities to explore how we can constructively articulate/integrate the multitude of disconnected and fragmented action plans, roadmaps, projects, initiatives together for optimal added value, efficiency and economy to achieve and sustain both the citizens' and animals' well being and quality of life in World (and therefore European) society. This requires a New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI).

In other words, the new leader should be able to catalyse the fundamental mindset revolution that is needed for a holistic reconnection. Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Professor A. Sen agreed with me: if world society well being and quality of life could become an international referential, changing the international mindset, this could serve as a strong incentive to catalyse the bringing of all the disconnected and fragmented action plans, roadmaps and grids together! 

I am candidate to being this catalyst to prepare the transition of an open Europe towards a sustainable future.

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Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen D.I. [Personal Profile]

Founding Executive Director

 International Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Research Centre (IMNRC Flyer/Brochure)

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International Press Conference (10 January 2019): Press Invitation - Debriefing Note

“Citizens! YOU have the floor!”


We shall transform temples...elitist governance ivory towers disconnected from the people...


 ...into a network of networks where people and institutions jointly strive together... prevent our civilisation and planet Earth from mass self-destruction...




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