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The EU Framework Programmes (EU FPs) & the NewPOL Network



The EU FPs (and countless other Programmes, EU and Non-EU) are still far too elitist, encourage and facilitate fragmentation in complete contradiction with the European Commissionís strong open appeal to stop fragmenting, for integration and a holistic view to research.


During the Green Week Congress organised by the European Commission in May 2011, interdisciplinarity was strongly and publicly encouraged by the Commissioner himself. Panellists began to freely speak and refer to interdisciplinarity.


There are obviously two opposing trends at the European Commission. Some realise the limited potential of unidisciplinarity and the need to change thinking paradigm, to turn to the education of tomorrow. Others cling to their old ideas and outdated education, holding everything back.



The IMNRC-NewPOL Network is interested in national/international, integrated interdisciplinary networking to develop our activities. These are multiple: CWINs (Customised World Interdisciplinary Networks), Pilot Schemes, IMIRC (International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress), WSWBQoLP (World Society Well Being and Quality of Life), EU FP and Non-FP Calls for Proposals, Non-EU Calls for Proposals, Private Projects.

NewPOL Network Meetings.


Short summaries of these Conferences and Workshops together with the NewPOL Network's comments/suggestions are available.

Please note that even though we are presently in the 7nth FP era, this does not mean that every single workshop/conference is directly related to the 7nth FP. It can be.


Please note that even though the NewPOL Network shall consider EU/Non-EU Calls for Proposals, strong preference shall be given to the World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Project and the CWINs because considered to have far more impact on the Quality of Life and the Well-Being of World Society.