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Projects under preparation:

1. IEE Call. IEE Info Day: 24 January 2012.

We shall know for sure if Pilot Scheme 1 (PS1): “the global conversion of a whole town to the use of new and renewable energies” can be presented for the call on the Info Day.

2. Cancer Call = ???

3. Other.




Projects submitted:

1. FP7 topic HEALTH.2012.3.2-3: Social innovation for active and healthy ageing. FP7-HEALTH-2012-INNOVATION-1.

Proposal full title: An innovative well being and quality of life improvement program for the elderly in institutions or at home

Proposal acronym: Pilot Scheme 2

Type of funding scheme: Collaborative Project

Duration: 2 years

Projects under preparation:

1. FP7 SiS Call. Action Line 1: A more dynamic governance of the science and society relationship Activity 5.1.2 Broader engagement to anticipate and clarify political, societal and ethical issues. SiS.2012.1.2-1: Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) Action Plans: mainstreaming SiS actions in research. Specific Challenge 3: Healthy and active ageing.

Project proposal: “A Holistic Approach to Elderly Well Being and Quality of Life”. Acronym: PS4. (Pilot Scheme 4).

Deadline for submission: 22 February 2012.

Budget 4 million euros per proposal.

2. FP7 SSH Call. Activity 8.4.2 - Europe in the World. “Conflict, human rights and peace”. SSH.2012.4.2-1. Human rights in the EU external relations and internal policies.

Project proposal: “A Holistic Approach to World Peace”. Acronym: CWIN 9. [CWIN 9 shall serve as a WSWBQoLP catalyser to boost the entire initiative.]

Deadline to create the Teams = 30 November 2011. Deadline for submission: 2 February 2012.

Budget for this single proposal: 6,5 million euros.

Useful Links

EU Commission leaflet on the call for proposals in the area of 'Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health'

This leaflet provides details on the above theme and how projects can be submitted to the European Commission.

For assistance in finding partners or writing proposals, please visit the new SME platform - "SMEs Go Life Sciences"