FP7 Smart Cities Call. Pilot Scheme 1 (PS-1): Achieving and sustaining city society well being and quality of life with smart cities

Abstract: Energy forms an integral part of and therefore cannot be dissociated from Society Well Being and Quality of Life. Changing energy use means changing behaviour which means changing the mindset. PS1 does just that for energy. Changing the mindset needs an integrated bottom-up top-down approach. Bottom-up: turning to the education of tomorrow, integrated interdisciplinarity. Top-down: New Governance. PS1 is a typical integrated interdisciplinary project that nicely blends together multi-level governance with capacity building at local, regional, national and even international levels. PS1 literally forces all the stakeholders (all the inhabitants, authorities included) in a given town to think collectively and integrate data from multiple sources (new and renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, education, governance, sociology/social networks, ICT, smart cities, urbanism, transport, ....) because this is the only way to deal with such a challenge for maximum impact on the town’s citizens’ well being and quality of life, the top priority of the Third Millennium . PS1 creates a virtual model of the chosen town that can be modified at will by the addition of different combinations of data from different sources. What shall the town look like with new and renewable technologies? What is the annual town energy consumption? How does it vary throughout the year (from individual households to whole sections of the town.) How could this be improved by new and renewable technologies and refurbishing existing buildings? What would be the economic benefits? After having completed a Town/Village Society Well Being and Quality of life profile that shall in turn inform and educate the citizen regarding PS1, the population shall be invited to attend and discuss the regular virtual model updates of their own town. The final decision to proceed to the practical phase shall be based on a referendum once the theoretical part of PS1 has been finalised.

FP7 Health Call (Investigator driven treatment trials to combat or prevent metastases in patients with solid cancer) Project Name: Customised World Interdisciplinary Network 4-1 (CWIN 4-1: An innovative treatment for invasive bladder cancer)

Abstract: Invasive bladder cancer remains a difficult challenge to this day. It is important to understand that when confronted with a complex challenge (actually even a "simple" challenge), "the solution" to the problem is not ONE simple lock and key process but a very complex dynamic configuration of MULTIPLE interacting lock and key components and mechanisms that change continuously in time. One of our EoI is: "The Physics of Life and the Neuroimmunoendocrine System; an integrated understanding of diseases and healing potential in the human being explored using novel approaches to therapy". By applying this principle to an elderly patient with invasive bladder cancer, we developed a novel and successful treatment that waived the need for radical cystectomy and/or six week intensive radiotherapy. In order to eliminate a chance occurrence and be in a position to propose this treatment as an official recognised alternative to Evidence Based Medicine for invasive bladder cancer, the same protocol must be applied to a greater number of patients. We are not proposing a new molecule or exploring new medication, but applying a whole protocol – what is more, between the conventions - where we shall be examining how the different components of the protocol interact together. It seems that only specific configurations ofinteractions for any given patient have therapeutic properties. This is the integrated interdisciplinary approach in medicine. The project shall endeavour to explore the missing links and better understand why the protocol was so effective. The protocol works. We must now understand why it works. This may in turn enable us to apply the treatment to other cancers.

FP7 SSH Call (Europe in the world. Conflicts, peace and human rights. Challenge: Human rights in EU external relations and internal policies.) Project Name: Customised World Interdisciplinary Network 9 (CWIN 9: A Holistic Approach to World Peace)

Abstract: Whatever the thematic, the issues that are raised during lectures, workshops, colloquiums and symposiums have reached such a level of complexity that experts, academics, politicians and the audience are getting completely out of their depth. Why? They are faced with integrated interdisciplinary challenges, something that their education has not prepared them for. The educational system still formats the student in intellectual straitjackets making the human being unable to deal with challenges that are all inherently interdisciplinarily integrated. Conflict, peace, human rights and world society well being and quality of life are such challenges. Actually the very fact that all its education, knowledge, data, philosophies, religions, policies, cultures, ideas, concepts and technology acquired since the dawn of humanity notwithstanding, the World System has turned Planet Earth into a ticking time bomb… is evidence that something has gone wrong somewhere. What? In the very way human beings process data, whatever the data. You need to change the mindset. But into what? In what direction and on what grounds? Direction means again fragmenting and therefore division. Why one particular direction and not another? So what are you going to do? Well, this is the conceptual maze. As long as the human being lives in a conceptual maze, democracy shall necessarily lead to division and conflict.

IEE Call. Project Name: “The global conversion of a whole town to the use of new and renewable energies”.

FP7 Science in Society Call. Project Name: Pilot Scheme 4 (PS-4: “A Holistic Approach to Elderly Well Being and Quality of Life”).

FP7 Health Call (Social innovation for active and healthy ageing). Project Name: Pilot Scheme 2 (PS-2: “An innovative well being and quality of life improvement program for the elderly in institutions or at home”)

Abstract: A Pilot Project easily applicable everywhere with long lasting benefits for the elderly living in institutions or at home. PS 2 - an innovative well being and quality of life improvement program for the elderly through ballroom dancing, Taï Chi Chuan, music, nutri/phytotherapy and cognitive training - applies the basic principles of our EoI: "The Physics of Life and the Neuroimmunoendocrine System: an integrated understanding of diseases and healing potential in the human being explored using novel approaches to therapy." By improving the well being and quality of life of the elderly, you necessarily improve their medical and psychological condition (depression, dementia) and speed up recovery from other diseases and maybe cancer. You cannot dissociate the biological from the social and vice-versa. The savage fate of the elderly in the 3rd Millennium is still both alarming and scaring in many parts of the world. Becoming increasingly dependent is a terrible strain both for the elderly themselves and those who care for them. If no special private healthcare facilities are available, sooner or later the System forces many to send their beloved to institutions where life stops but ageing continues. Ageing means progressive loss of autonomy, healing potential, decline in all the basic functions (metabolic, organic, cognitive, systemic) not to mention the modifications in the general appearance. Reversing the ageing process may be for tomorrow, but in the meantime we can already decrease the rate of ageing and improve the living conditions for those who are becoming dependent. This also means much more coercive measures in cases where the dignity and well being/quality of life of the elderly are not respected. Integrating the well being and quality of life of the elderly in an ageing society shall have a direct beneficial impact on the way we consider others in everyday life. PS 2 has a high educational value for all ages in the population.

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Workshop to discuss the EoI: "The Physics of Life and the Neuroimmunoendocrine System: an integrated understanding of diseases and healing potential in the human being explored using novel approaches to therapy.