World Network of Happy Localities Consortium vs The EU/UN System.

Created on 2020-09-08 13:16

Published on 2020-09-08 13:42

World Network of Happy Localities: CWIN 11 (12th August 2020)

Dear All,

The Pilot Scheme I Programme on "Happy Localities" considers any locality as a patient which requires a holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary approach. The difference here is that the diagnosis of the locality (rural area, village, town, city) anywhere in the world is already known: unhappiness. So what is needed is an aetiological diagnosis of this unhappiness in any locality for appropriate treatment. Reaching an aetiological diagnosis for each and every locality (not to mention the customised treatment) on this planet would require generations. We are already running dangerously out of time to defuse the ticking time bomb that is threatening our civilisation. We therefore need a highly articulate methodology for rapid customised assessment of localities. This is the object of a meeting on methodology that I would like to organise for a newly created consortium, the WNHL Consortium with around 50 interested colleagues.

The next step is to find an auditorium or some place where we could meet. I think that in most countries, the authorities would gladly give a hand to help out with the logistics and financial support.

Not in Belgium. The Belgian System forms part of the UN/EU System that has - as most of you know - created the IMNRC enormous difficulties throughout the years. Considering the profound disconnect between the citizens and the institutions/politicians in the EU (and Belgium), the expression EU System does not include the citizens...

So, I am looking for stakeholders in a country outside Belgium that could help us organise this meeting.

Call For Funding (17nth August 2020)

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