The World Needs A New Leader

Created on 2020-10-31 09:12

Published on 2020-10-31 10:45

Citizens! You Don't Know What To Do? JOIN US! (27nth Octobre 2020)

Dear All,

I don't like the word "leader". I prefer the word "catalyst". Job done, he/she goes. Unless he/she is plebiscited by the population.

What is there to catalyse?


See: Lost Trust: The Third Millennium's Worst Pandemic (13nth Octobre 2020)

...between eight billion human beings.

Trust is basically a mindset (state of mind) issue... The next step - and not before - is optimising this mindset (state of mind) for complex avant-garde holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary challenge processing. Simply stated, enabling the mindset (state of mind) to understand and manage global complexity.

This is outside the UN/EU System's competence. [NB. I gave our definition of the UN/EU System in another publication]. The UN/EU System's "soft power" is lost.

The World needs a leader (catalyst) who has skills beyond a medical doctor, engineer, politician, academic, artist, ... something that an obsolete outdated educational system - that is still mainstream worldwide because of powerful politico-financial vested interests - cannot provide.

This is Interface Education that is provided by the IMNRC and is in fact embedded in its Flagship Programme the NCBP (New Capacity Building Programme) that has been systematically blocked by the UN/EU System. This has become a dangerous vicious circle. See: There Is Something That I Don't Understand. Or Rather... I do (8th Octobre 2020)

I repeat. When I launched my campaign as independent candidate for the European Commission Presidency following my international press conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe back in January 2019, recovering the citizens' lost trust in and between themselves, and between the citizens and institutions was my top priority. Trust was a vital intangible that would determine the fate of any tangible (projects, policy, programmes, initiatives, deals, plans, ...). I did not expect foul play however with the EU Institutional Coup d'Etat that imposed Ursula von der Leyen on the citizens against their will. We know what happened next. The European (in fact the World) problems have become unmanageable.

Recovering lost trust is still my top priority for the next EU Elections and EC Presidency in 2024. Just in case and as a precaution, I also hope to be elected as an MEP. And as catalyst to defuse the world ticking time bomb that is threatening our civilisation, I suggest myself. Everything else has failed so far, so why not apply a strategy between the conventions?

Just Three Million Euros Needed To Save Our Civilisation (26th Septembre 2020)

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Take care,

Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen D.I.


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