World Crisis 2021. Some may remember the reaction of a LinkedIn user to my articles a few days ago:

"Let's rock the internet like ever before! World Citizen Mobilisation!!!"


Some may also remember my warning. The UN+EU+WEF System has been and is feeding on the world population's inertia making the latter complicit to the former's ongoing relentless hold on the latter. A vicious circle.

The present world crisis is not only due to Covid-19 but the result of the accumulation of 49 other global challenges that have to this day never been sustainably prevented nor solved by neither the UN+EU+WEF System nor by anybody else.

To my mind, one reason for this chronic failure is that each global challenge has its own set of compromised stakeholders.

So the world citizen mobilisation should initially consist of the non compromised to set an example.

Let's rock the internet like ever before with the uncompromised! Uncompromised avant-garde activists (citizens, academics, researchers, scientists, physicians, artists, civil societies, institutions, companies, organisations, industries, ...) and financial stakeholders (philanthropists, charity organisations, PPPs, investors, VCs, ...) are urgently needed.


Global Challenges of the Third Millennium.

World Crisis 2021: Global Mobilisation Needed!

The NCBP Task Force: Open Call. We need 260 trustworthy National NCBP Teams. I have around 10,500 followers. This could be easily completed in one week flat.

Just Three Million Euros Needed To Save Our Civilisation. This request for funding dates back to last year! Many financial stakeholders are interested in the IMNRC. I invite them to come forward and contact me directly.

Let's rock the internet like ever before!!!