World Covid-19 Crisis 2021: Plan B

Published on November 28, 2021

What Next?

Sarscov-2/Covid-19 is an Interface Challenge! Covid-19 Is Not A Medical Challenge  

Change Strategy. Apply the original Plan A launched by the IMNRC's New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) early 2020. See Covid-19: Open Global Call (CWIN 10). Plan A was a holistic strategy that explored all possible prevention and treatment options regarding Sarscov-2/Covid-19. [Plan A was immediately replaced by the UN+EU+WEF System's own "Plan A" called the Official Narrative (ON) that imposed its own understanding and treatment of Covid-19 on the world population. The ON has not proved very conclusive and is being increasingly questioned worldwide. See UN/EU System's Coronavirus Global Response Debunked. Aggressive "Vaccine"   Strategy Openly Questioned.]  

Plan B (= the original Plan A, see above) applies the basic principles of NNIVEE (involving the Brain-Gut axis) - Nutri-Neuro-Immuno-Vasculo-Endocrino-Epigenetics - to Sarscov-2/Covid-19 at world level. This is only possible if a highly interactive New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI) based on mutual trust in a common referential - world society well-being and quality of life, the Third Millennium's Top Priority - is set up with and not imposed on the citizens.  

Immediate Massive Global World Coordinated Sarscov-2/Covid-19 Holistic Multicultural Integrated Interdisciplinary Research = NNIVEE + NGGI = CWIN 10  

Stop Mass Vaccination: too many unknowns, lack of transparency, contradictory data, contradictory papers, contradictory interpretations, mass confusion and misunderstanding  

Early Treatments

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