UN SDGs: A Plagiarism For World Control

Created on 2020-09-20 13:22

Published on 2020-09-20 19:30

The Sustainable Development Goals: Reinventing The Wheel! (4th June 2017)

Dear All,

The UN System immediately saw the potential in the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) as an opportunity and tool to control the World. Hence the plagiarism. No further explanation is necessary.

All the UN System had to do was to reformulate the NCBP to undertake a kind of global survey that would enable it to know exactly what is going on, how the populations behave, what are their intentions, what are their resources, anywhere in the World for better control. How? The SDGs.

Not everything has gone as planned. The SDG strategy has become a worldwide flop, now backfiring on its promoters, the UN System itself. Aware of the situation, both the UN and EU Systems are now launching a massive propaganda campaign to force the SDGs on the governments and populations in each country.

It is time for the NCBP to retaliate.

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