UN + EU + WEF = Hope or Danger?

Created on 2020-02-19 21:16

Published on 2020-02-21 10:37

The New European Dictators: 2019 - ?... 

Dear All,

Some may remember the following articles:

  1. The Sustainable Development Goals: Reinventing The Wheel! (4th June 2017)
  2. European Institutions' Ultimate Objective: Controlling EU Citizens and Society. (22nd July 2019).
  3. Why have the UN (et al) and the EU been blocking the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP)? (13nth August 2019)
  4. Why I Have Lost Trust in the UN System and the EU Institutions. (17nth Septembre 2019)

It is noteworthy and instructive to note that after having misappropriated my work, research and ideas (to create the SDGs, smart specialisation, holistic approach to smart cities, the EIT, European Programmes, European Citizens' Initiative, Open Innovation/Science, etc...) reinventing the wheel under a new label without the slightest recognition, plagiarising our initiatives and programmes:

the NCBP has been systematically ignored in all SDG events, for obvious reasons.
the NCBP has been blocked from participating in smart city (regions and cities) and other events organised by the European Commission
the NCBP has been prevented from attending meetings on European Cohesion involving the citizens
the NCBP has not ever been invited as panellist for any European Citizen Initiative workshop, again for obvious reasons (a plagiarism of the World Citizens' Initiative which is in fact the NCBP).
More to come, but that's all for now.

The UN + EU + WEF are unscrupulous opportunists who have all been in the above together. The danger with the UN + EU + WEF Trio et al is that they are promoting an autocracy masquerading as a democracy which is deceptive and dangerous, seducing and manipulating at the same time. They launch and endorse projects based on stolen ideas whilst promoting trust and transparency. Doesn't this make the international community (businesses, investors, industry, politicians, institutions, academia, civil society, ...) feel a little...hmm... uncomfortable?

Open Address to Ursula von der Leyen

The EU Institutions' 'coup d'Etat' validated by the European Parliament thereby giving false legitimacy to the New European Commission President imposed (not elect) and the New European Commission Team imposed (not elect) has placed the EU System in an inextricable situation. To obtain trust, you need a programme...but if the programme comes from institutions that citizens don't believe in anymore...

Trust FIRST. Projects SECOND. NOT the other way round.

The UN + EU + WEF are piling on projects after projects forgetting the essentials which is reconnecting with the citizens and recovering lost trust which is far more difficult and less spectacular for the gallery and the media. It is impossible to work in an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust anywhere in the world however impressive or appealing the projects may be and however much money is poured in to support them: projects don't recover lost trust. The terrible situation now is that the existing UN + EU + WEF cannot recover the citizens' lost trust. It is too late. Time to look elsewhere...

Solution? Start From Scratch With The Citizens. We already know what are the barriers: let's not waste time with yet another PhD. They are educational, constitutional, legal, administrative, cultural, religious, linguistic, ethnic, ideological, political, economic, socioeconomic, personal, interpersonal, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental... All these barriers are interconnected. We therefore need to explore how these barriers can be constructively articulated together to achieve and sustain the Citizens Of The World's happiness. But to explore, you have to outreach to the other. And if this outreaching is already full of suspicion and distrust...

Trust FIRST, projects SECOND.

Intangibles FIRST, tangibles SECOND.

This means a fundamental mindset revolution, a fundamental education revolution and a fundamental governance revolution. In that order.


By setting up a highly interactive New Global Governance Infrastructure based on trust facilitating coordinated collective citizen/institution collaboration on an equal footing with equal opportunities.


The New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP)
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