UN/EU System's Coronavirus Global Response Debunked. Aggressive "Vaccine"​ Strategy Openly Questioned.

Created on 2021-01-22 14:57

Published on 2021-07-22 13:38

The Interface Mindset

Dear All,

I grew up in a holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary family atmosphere. This terminology was not what it was called at the time, but looking back this is the best description of what I felt to date. As a child, it was quite obvious to me that all the "this" and "thats", all the "things" of this world "out there" and "in me" were universally interconnected. To understand a "thing", you had to understand all the "things" at the same time. This meant that I had to go beyond this deep feeling of the fundamental interconnectedness between all "things" to actually fully understand why this was so. I was therefore expecting the educational system to help me unravel the holistic complexity of everyday life at all levels including ourselves. How did all the bits and pieces fit together...?

I was terribly wrong.

Before coming to prep school, public school, music school and university, I saw everything as linked and always "understood" the complexities of the world this way: anything not holistically understood would be incomplete, artificial and therefore deceptive. I had therefore begun "school" full of hope with a holistic mindset...that was immediately crushed to pieces by a coercive conventional educational system that disconnected the interconnected, presenting the material as a jumble of disconnected fragments, imposing its formatted fragmented vision of life, existence and society, artificially yet very convincingly breaking apart the fundamental natural inter-connectedness between all "things". The presentation of the material in all the educational establishments I was admitted to was so disconnected that I often wondered what was its relevance to the rest of the curriculum and, well, life. "What am I doing here?" I often asked myself. I choked. I realised that this obsolete outdated educational system was smothering the human beings' innate potential. Those who already had a fragmented mindset (the majority) may of course have had difficulties assimilating some of the material presented to them by the teaching staff if not adapted to their own understanding grid (most students), but by and large they did not feel too uncomfortable with fragmented courses.

There are now millions of citizens with unidisciplinary or at best focused interdisciplinary (for example medicine, or engineering, or physics, or philosophy, or music, or dancing, or gardening, or marketing, or business, ...) training and qualifications in any field you can possibly think of. Many have had - are having - successful careers remaining in their bubble of experience and knowledge.

Problems came later.

What is Competence?

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The World Educational System: From Fragmented Success to Global Failure (3) (4th July 2020)
The Worldwide Educational System: Perhaps The Greatest Swindle Of All Times (2) (20th February 2019)

What is excellence for? What kind of excellence is most needed for us human beings today? Well, considering the increasing world instability and violence, the seriousness of the environmental and health issues, perhaps the finality of education, research and innovation should be to find a means to defuse the world ticking time bomb that is threatening our civilisation and planet, and achieve and sustain the interconnected eight billion human beings' well-being and quality of life at interconnected personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels, which is after all the Third Millennium's Top Priority. If not, what's the point? A degree assuming that it is deserved - which is not always the case - does not necessarily mean competence. Even so, demonstrated proficiency in a restricted branch whilst feeling completely out of your depth when faced with the vast expanse of data that lies both within and outside you in the whole universe, can this be called competence? Competence needs to be completely redefined.

Covid-19 is a staggering example of our civilisation's inability to understand let alone manage global complexity. Science alone shall not save the world. Culture alone shall not save the world. Interdisciplinarity might... The problem is its assimilation. It is not that our brain can't. It is because of an obsolete outdated educational system that is still mainstream thanks to powerful politico-financial vested interests. The educational material itself is just not configured for holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary assimilation. Period.

This has had devastating consequences at all levels, backfiring on the global mindset and governance. Added to our inability to understand let alone manage global complexity came the loss of trust, perhaps the worst pandemic to date and the most difficult to manage with long-term relational consequences at all levels. I am not sure that citizens have fully realised the terrible impact and full implications of the deep loss of trust in our civilisation. Not only have many lost trust in anything that is read, said, seen or heard but since so much data, documents and decisions have been doctored, what of assessments and evaluations in courts, schools, universities, institutions, organisations, to win a case, to gain admission and/or get through, to get published, or for honours or to have a job?

Covid-19 is just the most recent of a long series of global challenges that our civilisation has to this day never been able to either prevent nor sustainably solve. Think of the environment, biodiversity, climate change, migration, food, water, energy, inequalities, the elderly, conflict, ... you name it. The situation is not improving much any that I can see in each case. Why? Because our civilisation is using the same inappropriate mindset, education and governance each and every time, not learning (or not willing to learn) from its mistakes.

I already said long ago that Covid-19 was basically an interface challenge and a full blown example of global complexity for which the only appropriate strategy in this case was the coordinated worldwide holistic strategy the IMNRC's NCBP had launched early 2020 encouraging all possible treatment options and research avenues, exploring how different or complementary suggestions could be constructively articulated together for a better understanding of Sarscov-2 and the pathogenesis/pathophysiology of Covid-19 paving the best way to prevention and finding an appropriate solution. See Covid-19: Open Global Call (CWIN 10). This was immediately hijacked, scrapped and replaced by the UN/EU System's ruthless experimental "vaccine" strategy - denigrating, discouraging or blocking any alternatives - imposed by force on the world population. A terrible human toll and disastrous economic problems followed.

Now, my access to hundreds of articles/publications, expert panel reviews, online zoom discussions, videos and peer discussions, my witnessing the humiliation, denigration, intimidation, censorship and marginalisation of respected scientists and physicians who questioned the Official Imposed Narrative combined with my own direct twenty years' experience with the UN+EU (+WEF) System experiencing both extremes (constructive/destructive, an illustration of the chronic internal dysfunctions inside these institutions) and my expertise in Interfaces have led to the conclusion that forms the heading of this article. The EU/UN System's global coronavirus response strategy was and remains a formidable mistake with serious long lasting consequences.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Disaster: EU/UN System Directly Responsible.

So, what can be done now?

Solution = ?

To my mind, the UN+EU+WEF System, probably because of its arrogance in its ivory tower of political power and financial comfort completely disconnected from the overwhelming majority of citizens and their everyday concerns, did not expect such global backfiring - granted that it took incredible time to take form - to its coercive experimental vaccination propaganda forcing vaccination on the population through threats, intimidation and coercion.

The UN+EU+WEF System is NOT open to dialogue. ("Dialogue" is restricted to those citizens who abide to THEIR vision of the world). This shall only be possible if the overwhelming majority of citizens worldwide gets together. This requires worldwide coordinated collective citizen collaboration which is ONLY possible PRACTICALLY if there is a New Global Governance Infrastructure based on mutual trust in a common referential: achieving and sustaining the citizens' well-being and quality of life at interconnected personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels. This is the IMNRC's NCBP (New Capacity Building Programme).

We can then either suggest...

1. A dialogue with the UN+EU+WEF System. In my opinion, it should take a gigantic step backwards: recover lost trust first, projects second. Projects launched on non sustainable foundations for lack of trust are not sustainable however ambitious and intellectually appealing these may be. But recovering lost trust is something outside its competence... This has now become an impossible task for the UN+EU+WEF System.


2. Overthrow the UN+EU+WEF System altogether. Perfectly possible IF the overwhelming majority of citizens gets together.

Throughout the years, the IMNRC and its NCBP have been a direct source of inspiration to many for a number of local, regional, national, institutional, global projects and initiatives (please see track record published elsewhere). Anyone has always been welcome to do so, but when I realised that parts of my work, ideas and research were not only being systematically misappropriated and plagiarised with substantial politico-financial benefits reinventing the wheel under a different label without the slightest recognition but also misimplemented by unscrupulous opportunists, this became abuse and dishonesty. Misappropriated information always backfires... What do I mean? We are paying the consequences: to this day, none of our civilisation's most pressing global challenges have ever been prevented or sustainably solved.

  1. UN/EU System: a global failure. Arrogant, autocratic, inefficient, incompetent and shockingly expensive, as such is of no added value to our civilisation. Quite the contrary. The UN/EU System shall have to be held accountable before eight billion human beings for its disastrous management of not only Covid-19 but all the other preceding and still existing global challenges our civilisation has been (and still is) facing. On a more personal note, I am also requesting from the UN+EU+WEF System substantial damages for its misappropriation of my work and direct responsibility in the death of a parent (2010) not to mention my own near death (saved in extremis) in 2012. The UN/EU System must bow to the Third Millennium's Top Priority, achieving and sustaining the welfare of eight billion human beings. Not the other way round. The UN/EU System must be dismantled then integrated in a highly articulate interactive New Global Governance Infrastructure based on mutual trust of eight billion human beings in a commun referential: achieving and sustaining the well-being and quality of life of eight billion interconnected human beings at interconnected personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels. This is the IMNRC's NCBP.
  2. IMNRC & NCBP International Funding Appeal: Open Call. The UN/EU System (especially its devoted clique in Belgium) has been doing everything it could to crush the IMNRC out of existence. The IMNRC is still standing because of strong academic, political, civil society support around the world, but funds are urgently needed. Had the IMNRC's NCBP's holistic strategy regarding Covid-19 not been brutally replaced by the UN/EU System's exclusive vaccine focused global coronavirus response early 2020, the present world Covid-19 crisis would probably have never taken place. I warned the EU System that adopting the Recovery Plan before recovering the citizens' lost trust was likely to break the EU. Considering recent developments, this now seems likely. In my opinion, it may not be in the key stakeholders' best politico-financial interests to continue supporting a UN/EU System (as structured) that has created such a world mess. It may be time to fully recognise the value of the IMNRC and its NCBP and fully support financially its endeavours to save our civilisation.
  3. The NCBP Task Force: Open Call (2). The NCBP Task Force consists of around 260 teams, each representing its national NCBP Representation. The NCBP Task Force has two important parallel missions: recruiting and monitoring progress. Full programme for the NCBP Task Force is briefly summarised in the About This Group section. Each team thus acts as an interface between population and governance facilitating achieving and sustaining the citizens' well-being and quality of life at interconnected personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels which should easily reach consensus in any country. One of the NCBPs most powerful tools is the CWIN (Customised World Interdisciplinary Network). A CWIN is an open world call to deal with any complex challenge that has a direct bearing on the human beings' well-being and quality of life. How does a CWIN work? Simple, provided that the NCBP Task Force is complete, fully operational and on standby. As soon as a global challenge is recognised, each of the 260 NCBP Teams is informed. It relays the information and challenge to its own country's population and governance with an open call for solutions that - unless the source wishes to remain anonymous - should be fully nominally acknowledged and recognised to avoid abuse. The 260 NCBP teams then assemble all this specific CWIN related information together for optimal world processing and added value. Please understand that the NCBP Task Force is looking for colleagues of outstanding calibre: onlookers and passive followers are not welcome. This is why a somewhat formal address has been deemed necessary in the Open Call (2). Not taking any chances. 

Best regards,


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