Trial Of The Third Millennium

Created on 2021-02-06 11:49

Published on 2021-05-17 12:39

World War II ---> Third Reich ---> Imposed New Global Order ---> Rejected ---> Defeat ---> Arrest ---> Trial ---> Sentence
Third Millennium ---> UN+EU+WEF System ---> Imposed New Global Order ---> Rejected --- yet to come ---> Defeat ---> Arrest ---> Trial ---> Sentence

Dear All,

It is important to understand how the UN+EU+WEF System works.

The UN+EU+WEF System grew silently in the background following each and every step in the slow construction of what has become the NCBP (New Capacity Building Programme) from which it is directly inspired making a kind of NCBP replica but distorted and adapted to suit its own politico-financial objectives and quest for omnipotence.

The UN+EU+WEF System is a web that is directly controlled by a devoted clique of unscrupulous opportunistic despots: politicians (governments), investors, academics, civil societies, institutions and organisations that all have a common vision of imposed new global order for the benefit of a chosen few. Each can therefore directly decide FOR the System as if it WERE the System especially if it is a government. So if your country's government doesn't like you, it shall try to crush you with the help of the whole UN+EU+WEF System. This is exactly what the Belgian System has been trying to do with the IMNRC (and its NCBP) throughout the years which is exactly how the System has been (and is) operating worldwide selecting and eliminating as it sees fit.


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Back in 2018, I wrote the article "Who Controls Your Data? Citizens! Wake up!" It began like this: "Increasing evidence that a growing somewhat undefined politico-institutiono-educationo-financial clique is already behind the scenes controlling data, therefore society, therefore the citizens...discreetly cherry picking as time goes by."

It is becoming increasingly clear that this undefined entity has gangrened human relationships. World Society is rigged. Everything is being controlled.

Fortunately, an increasing number of citizens, organisations, academics, artists, researchers, civil societies worldwide are beginning to wake up openly and publicly. More encouraging still is that this movement is gaining momentum by the day. This is very different from the massive passive support for a fundamental paradigm revolution that has been existing for a long time with no impact for lack of courage.

The IMNRC's NCBP (the World Citizens' Initiative) first and foremost seeks to restore lost trust between eight billion human beings without which anything undertaken is non sustainable. Starting from scratch also means making sure that those stakeholders actively engaged in manipulating the citizens, society and humanity for the exclusive benefit of a chosen few be held accountable before the citizens and stand trial.

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