Post Brexit: Time For Collective Citizen Participation! What Are You Waiting For???

Created on 2016-06-26 07:27

Published on 2016-06-26 09:11

Brexit: No one knows what to do!

I therefore suggest that the International Community launches the

New Capacity Building Programme!

Listening to the citizen, talking to the citizen, convincing the citizen that there shall be a concrete follow-up to the listening and the talking!

If Citizens and Institutions Of The World each continue to function selfishly in their own individual bubble (see: Re-inventing The Wheel...Again...and Again...and Again ...under MY Banner...! instead of joining hands on an equal footing, our civilisation is doomed.


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Brexit: Plan B = New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP)


Dear All,

Citizens do not believe in institutions and policymakers anymore. 

National Brainstorming Events (NBEs) must be organised in every country to ease the pressure on citizens in this overstressed world. Creating a world listening society is essential to overcome the prevailing suspicion and confusion in the citizens' minds, regaining the citizens' trust. 

NBEs are holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary initiatives, inviting collective citizen participation, to achieve and sustain national society well being and quality of life. NBEs require full media and governance collaboration. NBEs are essential to prepare the Pre-Summit on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life (WSWBQoL) which is followed by the Summit on WSWBQoL and the Post-Summit phase. 

For more information, please review The World Society Well Being and Quality of Life Summit: Defusing The World Ticking Time Bomb...posted on 21rst November 2015... My warning was not heeded and a few months later, bombs blew up in Brussels.

You may join your New Capacity Building Programme National Representation (NR) by either requesting a LinkedIn Connection (so that we can access your profile) after which you may receive an invitation to join the NCBP Group on LinkedIn or send me your profile by e-mail. There is a webpage for each NCBP NR. All citizens are welcome but initial preference is for those citizens who have an interdisciplinary frame of mind whatever their background. 

My publications can be found here:  

Best regards,


Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen D.I.

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