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Created on 2020-01-15 18:53

Published on 2020-08-17 15:32

World Funding For World Renaissance (29nth July 2020)

Dear All,

Belgium (where I was born) is once again plagued by its chronic internal dysfunctions: no (sustainable) government.

So is Europe: no efficient European governance.

So is the World: no efficient Global governance.

The Belgian System as structured is unable to deal with National complexity.

The EU System as structured is unable to deal with European complexity

The UN System as structured is unable to deal with World Complexity

Each human being has his/her own field of expertise and excellence, but when faced with an issue of national/continental/global complexity that requires the holistic multicultural interdisciplinary integration of all these knowledge bubbles/silos together, he/she is completely lost. This problem is therefore found in each and every country on this planet. There is no solution because all who are trying to find a solution have all been formatted by the same obsolete outdated educational system that is not sufficiently powerful to understand let alone manage global complexity. This requires a fundamental mindset revolution that begins by restoring lost trust, followed by a fundamental education revolution followed by a fundamental governance revolution. In that order..

This is what the IMNRC's NCBP is offering, a solution where all have failed so far.

As you know, the NCBP has been regularly hampered and blocked in its efforts by unscrupulous opportunists in the EU/UN System with serious world consequences. [The UN/EU System (as structured) is the closed network of governments, politicians, institutions, academics, civil societies, public and private sectors, companies, industries, organisations, financial stakeholders (investment groups, banks, big finance, ...) that supports the UN/EU System's incompetence, inefficiency, inertia and negligence sustaining world inequalities and chaos.]

The UN/EU System thinks that it is omnipotent in its ivory tower because it has money. Well, let's show them that we are not completely without resources. Please follow the link below:

World Funding For World Renaissance (29nth July 2020)

Funding shall also be possible through collective participation. As of 1rst Septembre 2020 [please see the IMNRC's opening page (that has been edited but is still a draft)], all members of the IMNRC-NewPOL Consortium Network shall be invited to support the IMNRC's activities (that include the NCBP) by settling an annual subscription fee called the BAMSF).

It is impossible to properly monitor such a vast endeavour as the NCBP without proper funds.

The conditions for NCBP Task Force acceptance shall not change.

Recommended reading:

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NCBP - NCBP Task Force - National Delegations - BAMSF - IMNRC-NCN (30th August 2020)
World Network of Happy Localities: CWIN 11 (12th August 2020)

Take care,

Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen D.I.


Founding Director & CEO

International Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Research Center a.s.b.l./v.z.w.

Principal Coordinator

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