Lost Trust: The Third Millennium's Worst Pandemic

Created on 2020-10-12 19:33

Published on 2020-10-13 09:40

How Can We Recover Lost Trust?

Dear All,

There already was a serious existential and trust crisis worldwide before the Covid-19 Pandemic that was deep, underestimated and dangerous.

We were already faced with a growing global network of interconnected global challenges that could only be appropriately managed by first setting up a highly articulate, interactive New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI) facilitating coordinated collective citizen/institution collaboration on an equal footing with equal opportunities.

I realised long ago that in order to be successful - which to my mind means achieving and sustaining the eight billion citizens of the world's well-being and quality of life (i.e. happiness) - a NGGI had to be based on mutual trust. It is impossible to deal effectively with global complexity in an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust.

This was at the back of my mind when I launched my campaign as independent candidate for the European Commission Presidency following my international press conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe last January 2019. Recovering lost trust was my top priority. I did not expect foul play however with the EU Institutional Coup d'Etat that imposed Ursula von der Leyen on the citizens against their will. Recovering lost trust is still my top priority for the next EU Elections and EC Presidency.

One year after the 2019 EU Elections, we see the result. Preexisting unsolved interconnected global challenges much worse off because of Covid-19: the situation has gone out of hand and nobody really knows what to do. The UN/EU System's mismanagement of Covid-19 was/is not only disastrous but the pandemic itself could have been prevented. I won't go into this again.

What Can Be Done Now?

Intangibles FIRST, tangibles SECOND. NOT the other way round.

Recover lost trust FIRST, discussions/plans SECOND. NOT the other way round.

How can we proceed at World level?

The New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP).


The World Network of Happy Localities: CWIN 11 

A core consortium has been set up for a workshop on methodology. Considering that the world is a vast network of localities, a standard methodology for customised "local" society well-being and quality of life profile assessment is mandatory. This is explained in the link above. Once this methodology has been sufficiently refined to the core consortium's satisfaction, it shall be sent for approval/further refinement to key stakeholders in each country. Bearing in mind that the NCBP serves as an interface between the public and the government in each country to facilitate achieving and sustaining the citizens' well being and quality of life, this is one reason why the NCBP Task Force must be set up and completed, each with its Principal Coordinator and his/her Team. It is this NCBP Task Force network that shall help establishing a National society well being and quality of life profile in each country that can consequently be constructively articulated with all the other National profiles for maximum added value and efficiency. This paves the way to New Global Governance WITH - and not imposed on - the citizens.

Just Three Million Euros Needed To Save Our Civilisation (26th Septembre 2020)

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