Just Three Million Euros Needed To Save Our Civilisation.

Created on 2020-09-17 08:55

Published on 2020-09-26 15:33

Call For Funding (17nth August 2020)

Dear All,

The World Renaissance Project - in other words the IMNRC's Flagship Programme the New Capacity Building Programme (NCBP) - requires only three million euros (3,000,000 €) to get under way. Deadline for starting operations: 31rst Decembre 2020. Deadline to obtain funding: 31rst January 2021.

"Only" because the UN is now requesting another $35 billion! Enough is enough! The UN has been receiving billions throughout its existence and has never either prevented nor offered any sustainable solution to any problems. The UN does not wish a solution to global problems because it wouldn't be needed anymore which is why the UN/EU System has been blocking the IMNRC's NCBP that requires only three million euros to get going.

We are trying to set up a consortium of avant-garde financial stakeholders and philanthropists to collect the required needed financial support before 31rst Decembre 2020 if possible. Please contact us if interested (see signature).

The International Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Research Centre (IMNRC asbl/vzw) is a legally recognised institution/organisation since 2002 (Belgian Monitor) based in Tervuren, Flemish Brabant, Belgium. The IMNRC is atypical and very avant-garde because it functions thanks to a vast international consortium, a worldwide web (or network) of collaborators. The IMNRC administrative and residential HQ, located in Tervuren near Brussels, doesn't have any laboratories because it doesn't need them. Indeed, all the laboratory, medical, scientific and technological facilities are provided by the international consortium in their respective countries and locations. Instructions come from the IMNRC that monitors progress from afar. The IMNRC can thus explore diagnoses and treatments, use "in silico" and digital medicine, give online consultations, offer medical courses and advise fully trained physicians. This kind of futuristic organisation would not have been possible without Internet.

The IMNRC's activities that includes the NCBP are described in its Brochure. Only a brief outline is published for copyright reasons. More detailed information is available on request.

Of key importance for the NCBP is its Task Force. Please see The NCBP Task Force: Open Call. There are basically four types of NCBP Task Forces that operate in succession:

  1. The “Slovenian” Lecture Task Force [World Tour of the “Slovenian” Lecture on "Neuroscience, Complexity and Developing the Human Potential" promoting the NCBP],
  2. The InfoWeek Task Force [logistics of the event],
  3. The Monitoring Task Force [monitors the whole World Programme on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life from beginning to end which is the New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI) in place]
  4. The World Society Well Being and Quality of Life (WBQoL) Task Force [active once the NGGI has been set up].

This brings us back to the IMNRC, which is also known as the IMNRC-NewPOL Consortium Network or IMNRC-NewPOL Network. Now the NewPOL Consortium that integrates all my connections in the social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, ...) and outside including academics, politicians, artists, companies, institutions, civil society worldwide makes up a vast network of more than 15.000 contacts that includes nearly all the countries worldwide yet only 140 are represented as small clusters on our website that needs to be updated. 

See: International Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Research Center - NewPOL Consortium Network

Indeed, uploading all the names is an enormous administrative yet essential task in itself that requires much more (wo)man power that in turn means funds. Not all are necessarily interested in the NCBP but in some other activity organised by the IMNRC (CWINs, Interface Diagnostics Cabinet, EU/Non EU Call or Proposals, ...).

Since every NCBP National Delegation (around 260 are expected for the NCBP InfoWeek) shall be taking an active part in an initiative that shall contribute to achieving and sustaining its own national citizens’ well being and quality of life at local, regional and national levels (but with a global mindset), it is the duty of national private and public stakeholders to support them. However, the overall coordination of the NCBP and World Programme on World Society Well Being and Quality of Life is monitored from the IMNRC administrative and residential HQ in Tervuren, near Brussels, Belgium. This requires international public/private support. As Principal Coordinator of the NCBP, multiple meetings, discussions and receptions must be organised at the IMNRC HQ (which includes catering), worldwide travelling to individually meet the 260 NCBP National delegations or colleagues involved in the NCBP like the World Network of Happy Localities Consortium [see World Network of Happy Localities: CWIN 11 (12th August 2020)] is needed, a complete logistics and PR team is required, academic and administrative secretarial assistance is needed. Finally basic structural and maintenance funds for the IMNRC.

The IMNRC is also looking for full support in more specific areas as outlined in its Brochure (all are integrated in the NCBP). Please understand that only outlines are presented for obvious copyright reasons:

The Education of Tomorrow: Interface Education - Standard and CIS (Customised Interactive Software). See Understanding Global Complexity (9nth Septembre 2020). Promotion and scholarships.
InfoDiagnosis: The IMNRC's Online Medical Education, Information and Diagnosis Website (9nth July 2020). Promotion and scholarships.
Interface Diagnostics Cabinet (IDC). Facebook Page. LinkedIn Page
NNIVEE (Nutri-Neuro-Immuno-Vasculo-Endocrino-Epigenetics) introduces the notion of a holistic approach to medical/clinical research and the patient. NNIVEE is a very powerful strategic tool when we are faced with complex medical challenges. The basic principles of NNIVEE have many applications. 1. For example, these have paved the way to finding a successful innovative treatment for invasive bladder cancer in the elderly that waived the need for radical cystectomy and/or six week intensive radiotherapy. Fully functional bladder. Paper published on our website. Funds needed for a cohort study. 2. An apparently successful innovative treatment for colorectal cancer with distant metastases slowing down progression and preventing further extension. Further research was unfortunately blocked by a mean, narrow-minded Belgian scientific and medical community, so no funds. The treatment was therefore suspended. If funds could be available, the clinical trial would resume immediately. 3. Innovative protocol for Covid-19 treatment applying the same principles needs to be explored as a possible alternative to standard vaccination. Further combined laboratory/clinical research studies required. Funds needed. 4. NNIVEE and neurological disorders. 5. NNIVEE and mental health. 6. NNIVEE and long distance space flight.
Integrating a NNIVEE course in Medical Schools as an introduction to holistic medicine (for medical students and accomplished physicians).
Organising the International Multidisciplinary Interface Research Congress (IMIRC) that was slated to be held in Beijing, China during the 2008 Olympic Games but blocked by the European Commission President Barroso and his team at the time. The IMIRC was to present the IIRC to the public.
The International Interface Research Centre (IIRC), the IMNRC's successor. The IIRC is a futuristic research centre focussed on interfaces. Its Flagship Project is the Interface Assimilation Programme (IAP), an advanced cognitive neuroscience (in fact a NNIVEE) programme that is essentially based on what we call the Understanding Principle. The IIRC was plagiarised and replaced by the EIT (the so-called Barroso's baby) in 2008 that offers nothing original.

A World Renaissance Project (i.e. the NCBP) is a huge endeavour that also requires a network of avant-garde business strategists and plan experts. A first rough estimate to launch everything is estimated around three million euros. This is not too much for 260 countries. The problem is that our civilisation is running out of time. Ideally, at least half of the estimated requirement should become immediately available through philanthropy, donations, sponsoring, public participation. The rest could be made available through a network of mutually supporting venture capitalists where one offers financial reassurance or guarantees to cover risks for the other.

The NCBP shall not only create jobs worldwide, it also has enormous business and economic potential. Avant-garde industries and entrepreneurs should be able to see this immediately. There is a huge world market and industry related to well being, diet, bio products, fitness, good quality food/water, health, sport, meditation, yoga, taï chi chuan, martial arts, nutri/phytotherapy, ...all directly related to the NNIVEE System. These can in turn be easily linked to arts, music, painting, sculpture, dancing, poetry, literature, philosophy, religion, culture, ... and thereafter necessarily linked to a whole series of areas like medicine, physics, science, technology, .... which brings us back to EDUCATION. The IMNRC's NCBP not only revolutionises the educational system, it is also aspiring to making doctoral level education accessible to soon eight billion human beings in the medium/long term future.

I now invite avant-garde open-minded financial stakeholders and philanthropists to contact me directly to explore synergies and collaboration perspectives.

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Best regards,


Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen D.I.


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