Just How Ugly HAS Been The EU System?

Created on 2020-07-06 18:31

Published on 2020-07-06 20:51

A personal experience...
...shared by many

Dear All,

I did not expect to write this up today, but serendipity came my way when I came across an article published by sciencebusiness.net with the title: "Change ahead as four new members join EIT governing board". I felt that this article needed some complementary information:

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): a Shocking Case of Plagiarism (20 February 2016)

The EIT forms part of what I call the EU System. You may remember my recent article:

The UN/EU System: Misleading Men and Women into a Losing Ideology (6th June 2020)

Now, please go the article I wrote last 17nth Septembre 2020:

Why I Have Lost Trust in the UN System and the EU Institutions. (17nth Septembre 2019)

You shall learn that many years ago whilst the UN/EU System had been "collaborating" with me by stealing my projects, initiatives and solutions without the slightest recognition for its own politico-financial interests, I lost a parent, lost my home and nearly died because of my shocking living and working conditions and economic difficulties in Belgium. The EU System didn't lift a finger at the time.

Now that it has been established how ugly the EU System has been, what of the present?

The Covid-19 Pandemic

It's worse.


Open Address To UN Secretary General Guterres and EC President Von Der Leyen (4th July 2020)

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