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Published on 2020-07-09 15:34

"Medical training in Medical Schools does not enable an understanding of the holistic complexity of medicine and of the patient. Courses are still far too fragmented and disconnected not to mention the chronic lack of good pedagogues."


You don't really understand what your doctor is telling you and are afraid to ask? You can't make head or tails of a medical prescription and medical terminology? You are worried because you don't thoroughly understand what is in your medical file and frustrated because you would like to be able to discuss it on even terms with your physician?

Master Basic Principles of Medical Sciences and Medicine
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You are interested in the Life/Natural Sciences and Medicine?

You are a medical student and you need help?

You would like to apply for: i. the full Online Doctorate Program in The Life Sciences or ii. the full Online Doctorate Program in Medicine? (*)

You are an accomplished physician yet not sure of your diagnosis or baffled by the complexity of your patient's condition?


Then Stay With Us!

Ask your question directly! 
Get a straightforward answer!
Understand your medical diagnosis!
Understand the Life Sciences in the Universe!

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(*) The Doctorates in The Life Sciences & Medicine are in the process of being incorporated and integrated together with other Doctorates into the much more ambitious Doctorate in Interfaces that shall be available through the Interface Assimilation Programme (IAP) at the IIRC. 

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