Conflict: Open Global Call (CWIN 9)

Created on 2021-05-13 19:56

Published on 2021-05-14 17:15

World Crisis: Sustainable Solution

Dear All,

It is time to change gear.

A CWIN on Conflict should be launched as soon as possible. In fact, this CWIN (called CWIN 9), was on standby many years ago but never launched because blocked by the EU/UN System.

What is a CWIN?

CWIN = Customised World Interdisciplinary Network.

The CWIN is the IMNRC's NCBP's most powerful tool and forms a major section of the IMNRC's activities. A CWIN is set up when the human being is faced with a challenge that has not only a direct bearing on the citizens' well-being and quality of life but is also of such complexity that it requires full blown coordinated holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary collaboration between eight billion human beings worldwide, an enormous added value potential for our civilisation if undertaken constructively.

A CWIN is therefore an open call addressed to eight billion human beings regarding any particular challenge regarding the citizens' well-being and quality of life that has not been solved to this day: biodiversity, environment, climate change, food, water, conflict (conflict is in fact a network of interconnected conflicts), energy, food, migration, inequalities, Alzheimer's, health, Covid-19, jobs, transport, socioeconomic status, ageing, "smart cities", urbanism, education, governance, politics, space challenges, ... the list is non exhaustive. All are global challenges in their own rights and all are interconnected... So you cannot manage one whilst ignoring another...which is exactly what our civilisation has been doing throughout history without any sustainable success.

CWIN 9 (on Conflict) is therefore a gigantic network that brings all things Conflict and all things non Conflict together on a common worldwide platform to discuss what is the most appropriate strategy that would pave the way to finding a sustainable solution to the network of conflicts for all eight billion human beings on planet Earth. This would mean exploring what are the missing links, how differences could be constructively articulated together, what is the common denominator, ... all of which integrated together would lead to resolving the conflict network and save our civilisation.

The above would first require setting up a New Global Governance Infrastructure (NGGI) based on mutual trust in a common world referential: achieving and sustaining the human beings' well-being and quality of life at interconnected personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels (remember my conversation with Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Professor Amartya Sen at the Royal Belgian Academy of Sciences and Medicine in Brussels a few years ago). Without recovering lost trust, it is impossible to undertake anything sustainably. Setting up a NGGI is no easy task and requires a Task Force of the highest calibre which is why admission to the NCBP Task Force is so selective. See The NCBP Task Force: Open Call.

The methodology for setting up a NGGI as described above is based on a thorough study of our planet's civilisation's history and three fundamental conclusions, the result of nearly thirty years of hard work. There is a need for:

  1. A Fundamental Mindset Revolution (which includes recovering lost trust). Intangibles determine the fate of tangibles however tangible the latter may be...
  2. A Fundamental Education Revolution
  3. A Fundamental Governance Revolution
  4. In This Order!

It is very important to understand that...

... once such a NGGI has been set up, our civilisation shall at long last be in a position to find a sustainable solution to any challenge of global complexity that may come its way, a formidable asset for the Future of our World and Civilisation.

This is the whole beauty and elegance of the NCBP (also known as the World Citizens' Initiative). [NB. Please remember that the entire CWIN section - together with the whole website - is only a draft that shall also be completely redesigned once we have a fully completed operational NCBP Task Force (260 NCBP Teams)].

We live in a fundamentally interconnected world and are thus affected to a greater or lesser degree by what happens in/to our family, neighbourhood, locality, region, country, continent, world and vice-versa. This means that whatever happens on the other side of the world affects you and vice-versa to also a greater or lesser extent. In other words, the conflicts we witness are never isolated fragmented far away occurrences disconnected from our own local reality that consequently cannot possibly be understood and managed as such. This means that conflicts are interconnected wherever they may occur and whatever the distance. In other words, we are faced with a vast network of latent or overt conflicts worldwide that can only be settled by considering them as a network of interconnected conflicts in the becoming or established.

A NGGI shall be able to scan the world for e.g. conflicts. Once identified, we can explore what are the missing links, what is the common denominator to all these conflicts. This in itself shall lead to a sustainable solution.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict forms part of this interconnected web of conflicts that plague our civilisation and planet. Treat the interconnected web of conflicts as a whole, treat ipso facto the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (or any other). Not the other way round. The Fundamental Mindset Revolution (see above) that concerns eight billion interconnected human beings on Planet Earth involves recovering the lost trust between eight billion human beings which in turn autocatalyses solutions... How to recover this lost trust is at the heart of the IMNRC's NCBP. First step: set up a complete and fully operational NCBP Task Force (260 national NCBP teams that serve as an interface between the population and governance to facilitate the accomplishment of a common national objective that should easily reach consensus in all countries: achieving and sustaining the citizens' happiness at interconnected personal, family, neighbourhood, local, regional, national, continental and world levels.

We live in a world of intangibles that determine the fate of tangibles. Financial, political, cultural empires have collapsed for loss of trust. It is therefore essential but far more difficult to begin with intangibles before dealing with tangibles, something that our civilisation has still not understood.

There have been throughout the ages to this day a multitude of initiatives trying to make this a better world and achieve a sustainable future for all. None have been globally conclusive so far. Countless books, articles, papers, interviews, talks, videos, lectures, debates, radio/TV shows, pictures, films, Master/PhD theses have been published by experts on conflict in all possible areas of the world since the beginning of humanity. Impact in 2021? Zero. Worse, our civilisation has turned our world into a ticking time-bomb and no one knows what to do! Many initiatives (personal, institutional, organisational, academic, political, civil society) have sent a worldwide appeal to citizens for global collaboration regarding conflict. But each - as a person or as an organisation - is alone. Each has addressed the population with their limited means worldwide for worldwide promotion and support.

Where is this support??

I can't see it.

All I can see are the usual professional whiners, criticisers, commentators, likers, haters, advisers, counsellors and tutti quanti offering nothing new and certainly no alternative solutions apparently satisfied that according to them there aren't any, or denigrating the good ones if they happen not to be theirs... So, nothing concrete to speak of on a global scale.

I would suggest therefore that these key stakeholders interested in conflict - lawyers, professors, researchers, academics, students, politicians, institutions, civil society, organisations, bankers, philanthropists, investors, VCs, PPPs, sponsors, donators, ... - to speak out, leave their respective comfort bubbles and join the NCBP Platform. This is the only way we can counter the formidable UN+EU+WEF System pressure on world affairs that has turned our world into what it has become today.


Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen D.I.


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