Basic Annual Membership Subscription Fee 



The Basic Annual Membership Subscription Fee (BAMSF) has become an economic necessity to run the whole organisation. 

The BAMSF is requested from all Members of the IMNRC- NewPOL Network and must be settled on entryPayment deadline: One month after registration. 

There are two categories of Membership: Ordinary Membership and National Representation. 

Ordinary Membership is automatic. 

If you wish to take an active part in your National Representation, the procedure is much more selective. If your profile offers potential added value to the National Representation, you shall initially have a Pending Application Status. Once the BAMSF formality has been completed, you move to Preselection Status. Here there are two possibilities: Selection Status or back to Ordinary Membership Category. Selection Status depends on your proven added value to your National Representation. Members benefit, whatever the Status, from 50% reduction in events, receptions together with other facilities (worldwide contacts and networking).

The BAMSF is tailored to category revenues:

- Very limited means: please contact us

- Student: 25

- Academia: 50

- NGO/Non Profit: 100

- Industry: 500

We quite realise that even 10 euros may be a fortune for some. If there are financial difficulties to settle the BAMSF, please contact us as soon as possible.

Avant-garde venture capitalists, investors, sponsors and donators are welcome. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Payment procedure:


PayPal (EU and Non-EU Countries)



Bank to bank (EU countries. For Non EU Countries, this may be more expensive because of taxes)

IBAN: BE82 6511 4318 7968
Keytrade Bank - Brussels, Belgium

Communication: BAMSF