Nationalism and Linguistic Hatred: Intellectual and Financial Asphyxiation in Flanders (Belgium)


The NewPOL Consortium Network Foundation was created in 2002.

The NewPOL Network's very avant-garde activities became increasingly popular, raising concern in certain quarters. The organisation was becoming a threat to "The System". The NewPOL Network therefore had to be silenced.

Not only have we never received any national (Belgian) funding whatsoever, but in 2007 The System's politico-financial clique in Belgium undertook to destabilise the NewPOL Network through programmed financial and intellectual asphyxiation of the whole organisation: everything was done to block our activities and crush our institution out of existence. This has led to the European Commission's suggestion that Belgium (because of the Flemish nationalism that has exacerbated the politico-linguistic apartheid and ostracism in Flanders) be tried before the European Court of Human Rights for two alleged criminal charges.   


It is time for the politically moderate Flemish citizens in Flanders to show some courage and wake up! Nationalism in Flanders is seriously undermining the whole region's international reputation. Indeed, many colleagues find the politico-linguistic issues in Flanders quite exasperating and do not wish to have Flemish partners anymore because "Flanders spells Trouble".

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's condemnation (August 2009) by the junta in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, deprived her of the possibility of being a candidate for the forthcoming elections. The junta's objective quite clearly was to once again destabilise the Nobel Prize Winner's impact on The System.

A very similar action was undertaken by the Belgian politico-financial clique - or Belgian democratic junta - against the NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator, Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen, depriving him of the time and ressources necessary to prepare his European Parliament Pre-Election Campaign in 2007-2009.

As if this was not enough, after having openly criticised the World Banking System, the Fortis Bank, the Belgian Government and the European Institute of Technology initiative, Professor Linssen's professional e-mail was blacklisted by Manuel Barroso and the Sec Gen. He was not allowed to correspond any further with anyone inside the European Commission. A few weeks later, he was prevented from having free access to the European Parliament by the EP Administration. [See, for example, the article "Barroso The Despot – Democracy in Danger " on http://www.imnrc.org/NCN/Activities/activities.htm]. This is an example of a European Democratic Junta.

Indeed, the NewPOL Network underwent incredible pressure from three fronts: the political, financial and educational institutions/systems. The Educational System (or Educational Junta) had already created serious difficulties more than thirty years ago: see "A little history..." on http://www.imnrc.org/IMNRC/imnrc.htm Thirty years later, The System's objective was now nothing less than a programmed financial and intellectual asphyxiation of the whole organisation.

It nearly succeeded. But not quite. In fact, The System's efforts to intimidate and muzzle the NewPOL Network backfired.


The following is a vivid illustration of The System’s rigid and coercive structure, including its fear or aversion to change.

Why has the NewPOL Network been undergoing so much pressure?

Why has the Organisation been raising so much concern in certain quarters?

Who or what do we disturb and upset so much?

The combined politico-financial action or cabal of the Fortis Bank, Belgium's most important bank, against the NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator to destabilise our Organisation together with the shocking indifference from both the Belgian Government and European/International Institutions from 2006 till 2010) in even under emergency situations, delayed the whole NewPOL Network Enterprise for another four years.

How come an internationally recognised and respected Organisation, based in Europe and founded by a European (Belgian), that has...


- inspired so many European initiatives

- achieved two major medical/scientific and political breakthroughs: 1. Developing a novel successful invasive bladder cancer treatment (waiving the need for radical cystectomy and/or six week intensive radiotherapy) in collaboration with a well-known hospital (Hôpital St. Jean) in Brussels (thus not only opening the possibility of saving many other lives but also considerably improving the post-therapeutic well being and quality of life conditions). - 2. Proposal to create National Interface Ministries that would in turn enable achieving and sustaining National Society Well-Being and Quality of Life considered as highly appealing by senior European Council officials

- offered a practical solution to get through to the African People and restore lost confidence regarding international cooperation

- offered officially recognised practical means to deal with the international crisis and conflict


... received absolutely no funds whatsoever (not even for an emergency). The complete lack of national/international concern led to critical family problems for the Principal Coordinator (premature death of mother) not to mention a bank interdiction (2008-2010) in Belgium because of the Fortis Bank.


It is interesting to note that the following Belgian Banks, Credit Companies and Ministries, Institutions and Foundations in Belgium...:



Delta Lloyd



Banque de la Poste [Partner: Fortis Bank]




Foreign Banks with agencies in Belgium: Deutsche Bank, Bank of India, Monte Paschi, Bank of Pakistan, DHB, Rabo Bank, UBS, ... These fall under Belgian law.




Belgian Ministry of Health

Belgian Ministry of Science

Belgian Ministry for the Environment

Belgian Ministry for Development

Belgian Ministry of Finance

Belgian Ministry for ICT

Belgian Ministry for Social Affairs

Former Belgian Prime Minister Leterme

Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt

European Commission

European Parliament

Foundations (List on request)


... were all contacted in 2007 and 2008 for emergency financial assistance to prevent the above-mentioned bank interdiction. No-one moved before, during and after. The situation therefore deteriorated. As if this was not enouch, the Belgian State requested more taxes with added penalties. Bailiffs came along at our doorstep nearly every other day. Web hosting could not be paid (serious threats to both websites), nor the basic electricity and water consumption. No central heating (great in winter!) and no hot water. The Company Ogone (merchant account for www.infodiagnosis.com) requested more than 400 euros instead of 30 because of payment delays.


Belgian Banks in 2008 (Dexia, Delta-Lloyd, ING, Banque de la Poste, Argenta) and a credit company (FINB) prevented the NewPOL Network's Principal Coordinator and family from travelling down to their beautiful property in the South of France to get everything ready for the oncoming renting season, preventing any extra income. Concerted action within the Belgian Banking System is not to be excluded. Other Banks also refused credit cards (Banque de la Poste, BKC, ING, Keytrade, Argenta, CPH).


The NewPOL Network reacted by launching a virulent Internet campaign describing the despicable actions of the Fortis Bank. The national and international indifference, together with the established politico-financial manipulations and unscrupulous behaviour of the Fortis Bank, seemed to have stirred international opinion, mostly behind the scenes. We know what happened to the Fortis Bank.


Apart from the world financial crisis, there were two explanations for this programmed financial asphyxiation:


1. There are good reasons to suspect that the intense NewPOL Network Internet Campaign against Fortis Bank contributed in its own modest way to the latter's collapse thereby creating serious difficulties to its principal ally, the Belgian Government.


2. Creating maximum financial and family difficulties during the European Parliament Pre-Election Campaign to prevent a possible political success of the NewPOL Network in June 2009.


Nationalism and Linguistic Hatred: Intellectual and Financial Asphyxiation in Flanders (Belgium)


In 2010-11, the European Commission invited me to take action against Flanders (and therefore the Belgian State) before the European Court of Human Rights for not respecting Human Rights, endangering the life of others, non assistance to a person in danger, abuse of weakness and linguistic/racial/ethnic discrimination regarding access to health/social care for the elderly. The case, consisting of two criminal charges, concerned the premature death of an elderly French speaking lady of Flemish origin because of isolation due to apartheid and ostracism: linguistic hatred in the Flemish Brabant (Belgium). Extreme Right fascist sympathisers in the Flemish Federal Government and Public Administration retaliated by making our situation even worse:  no subsidies, constant mobbing, vandalism, mail problems, shocking working and living conditions in Flanders (with my resultant emergency hospitalisation, near death and on my return to begin my convalescence finding my property drenched in water due to a leak that occurred during my forced absence with resultant terrible damages), and preventing international projects (FP7 and IEE) from being properly prepared or even submitted in time to the European Commission. A complaint was addressed to the European Commission. To no effect. In April 2014, the Flemish Nationalist sympathisers then succeeded in the forced public selling of our institution in Flanders after months of constant harassment, an incredible machiavellian politico-financial set up (including the Flemish Bank CKV) to put an end to our activities and ruin my professional career. May 2014, I was able to recover the property on my own despite the enormous pressure and total lack of national/international support [excepting one French speaking MP, a credit expert and another Flemish Bank (the exception to the rule)], and continue all our activities. 


The rapid rise in extreme right nationalism (reminiscent of the German National Socialism during World War II) throughout Europe and not only in Flanders is a cause for serious concern. Some regions of Flanders are becoming fascist territory. The dictatorial regime in Belgium refuses to subsidise the IMNRC-NewPOL Network but sends its bailiffs to pay for taxes and vandalise personal property... 



Democratic dictatorship or dictatorial democracy?